5 Easy Summer Skin Care Tips to Look Beautiful

As fun as it sounds to hit the beach and party in the sunshine, the season comes with its own set of skin related problems. The major concern, of course, is the scorching sunlight that literally burns your skin. A simple stroll on the beach can also result in intertrigo, you know – inflammation from the rub – that causes annoyance for the whole day. With a little bit of care and determination, you can certainly keep your skin healthy and beautiful despite the beating an active lifestyle during the summer season can bring. Try these easy tips to help get you through this summer without too much fuss or irritation.

Use Your Sunscreen

It doesn’t really matter how cliché it sounds, use that specialty sunscreen you’ve researched, every time you go out of the house – even when you are wearing glasses and a beautiful hat to keep your face shaded. Take a close look at the SPF rating before you buy sunscreen. The SPF rating tells you the time you can spend under the sun without damaging your skin. If you are planning to stay out of the house for long, slather on a sunscreen with an SPF rating of at least 60, and tuck the bottle in your purse for later use. Your friends will appreciate sharing it too.

Moisturize Your Skin

A lot of people stop using moisturizers as soon as the winter ends. You are not one of those people. Keeping your skin properly moisturized during the summer helps it stay healthy, smooth and protected. Moisturizers with sunscreen are a bonus and can save you a step – and another item in your purse. Don’t forget that direct sunlight and chlorine found in swimming pools do a double whammy on your skin drying it out before you know it. The drier your skin, the more it becomes prone to damage and aging.

Believe It or Not – Exfoliate

Summer is a nice time to push the reset button and rid yourself of dry skin, callouses, left over tanner, and uneven tan lines. Exfoliate your skin when you want it to feel smooth, silky, beam beautifully, and look young! Exfoliating helps sluff old skin cells and bring out the fresh new skin layer hiding underneath. It also helps to open up clogged pores preventing those darn blackheads. Use baking soda with warm water to exfoliate as a simple home remedy. If you want to be less invasive, use a fully dry towel after taking a bath and gently rub your skin dry. For a more advanced exfoliation, try a sugar or salt scrub in your tub. Don’t forget to protect your new shiny skin with sunscreen after exfoliating.

Stay Hydrated

It often goes without saying – drink an ounce of water for every pound that makes you who you are. Water is a great cleanser for your digestive system, keeps your skin hydrated, and rids your body of toxins that often show themselves on a congested complexion. It can also help you lose weight. Think about it, can someone stay alive if every time they were thirsty they sprinkled water on their face? Of course not! Nothing is as benefitting for your body topically as it is internally. Drink lots of water and enjoy summer fruits like watermelons to keep your body hydrated. When your blood carries an ample supply of oxygen, your skin will naturally look great.

Aloe Vera Is a Blessing

When it comes to skin care, aloe vera is nothing short of a blessing. It has anti-inflammatory qualities and its benefits for skin are unlimited. The best time to use aloe vera on your skin is when you have spent an entire day out of the house in the heat of the sun. Applying aloe vera directly or its gel to your skin will provide a soothing relief. It will also keep your skin from looking parched and lifeless after a beating in the sun.

Try one or all of these ideas and see how you do this summer. Have I missed any other tips? I welcome your comments and suggestions to share and even try myself.