Fall Sundays

It is now fall, and one of the things i get most excited for is the start of the football season. Football is my favorite Sunday afternoon vice. I admire football players. They are truly modern day gladiators. The athletic prowess they must have to play such a sport is incredibly inspiring. I also look forward to my football Sundays, where I can kick back and breathe in the excitement that surrounds watching a game, but also take the time to reflect on the past week and look forward to the week ahead.

During this season I will take full advantage of the outdoors during fall, and then get more rest when the rains come and the daylight is shorter. Before I can watch a game, I have to get my workout in so I don’t feel guilty spending a few hours as a football “couch potato”. Sunday is my rest day from lifting, so sometimes it's a walk, a hike, playing fetch with my dogs, climbing stairs or even a bike ride.

Our bodies were made to move and I get antsy when I’m stagnant. Regular exercise will give you that antsy feeling too, where you just need to exert some physical energy, and once it is expelled, your body will thank you. It’s a rewarding feeling!

The shorter days remind me to go to bed earlier and get more rest. The healing power of more sleep helps set me up for the busy holiday season ahead.

Get yourself outside, get your body moving while breathing in that crisp fall air and afterwards you can reward yourself with relaxation and more sleep. And that is why I love this season...