It’s Fall - a Fresh Fashion Season

Embrace the Change

It’s that time again! It’s time to say bye bye to your summer dresses, sandals and bikinis; and say hello to your boots, sweaters and jackets. Oh so cozy! It’s time to embrace the change and contemplate new fashion styles, cashmere and leather. Shop my designer brand jackets on Poshmark here.

Keep your workouts fresh by taking your workouts outdoors, breaking out your hoodie and breathing in the fall crisp fall air. It’s a great time to push for your lifting PR and break into a sweat in the cooler temps. Use the change to make progress with your goals.

I've been known to have a fetish for shopping for a new pair of stylish boots, a seasonal black jacket or a Burberry cape each year around this time. Heck - I'm crazy about coats - it's the frosting on a new outfit! Leather, cashmere, canvas, wool, satin, fur... hooded, quarter length sleeves, sleeveless, bring it on! I get lost window shopping in NYC when it comes to finding the perfect coat. It's my splurge for hitting a goal - and I look forward to it every year. Here is a great guide to fall fashion this season I punched up while surfing Pinterest for ideas.

It's also a great time to sift through your closet and donate items to make room for some new seasonal must haves. I religiously donate items during the fall; boots, shoes, gloves, sweaters, jeans, dresses, photoshoot workout clothing and yes... even my coats!

While you are bringing out your winter wardrobe, why not add some new trendy make-up colors that add a sheen to your sun kissed hair and switch your bright colored nails to a darker color? I’m a religious French manicured girl but my pedicure is always seasonal.

Fall is a great opportunity for renewal and renaissance and frankly, set the new trend in the office or at your local gym. Be THAT girl!