What Are Macronutrients?

Nutrients are substances needed for growth, energy provision, and other body functions. However, Macronutrients (also called Macros) are those nutrients required in large amounts that provide the energy needed to maintain body function and carry out the activities of daily life. The three most important are proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

Why Count Macros?

While counting calories alone is a simple tactic and sometimes helpful, it can be misleading. When you only track calories instead of macros (what makes up those calories) it can be harmful to your body despite weight loss. With macros, you can fully understand what you are putting into your body. It is more involved than calorie counting, but it allows you to fuel your body. It also helps you recognize the predominant macro in the foods you eat often and helps with making healthy food choices.

How to Count Macros:

When it comes to my personal method for Macros I have come to rely on the My Macros+ app. I encourage you to explore this app and try it out. I use it daily to track my macros for each food and it automatically tracks calories based on the food inputs you use. It is important to me, as a fitness competitor, to use it to track my nutrient intake and how it affects my muscle tone and energy throughout the day. It has the ability to follow friends, it has a verified database of foods, which keeps your diet accurate, and it can record recipes you make and divide portions into trackable food intake without doing the lengthy math. You can track your weight and change your daily goals. I find this app to be the easiest to use.




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