Let the music get you pumped!

I find that listening to good music is essential to getting in a good workout. Motivation is key, so take a listen to some of my go-to playlists and get started on that workout NOW!

  • Some of my favorite new artists curated for your enjoyment.

  • New playlists added monthly! Check back to see what’s new!

  • Music is motivational. Find your new playlist to go with your new workout.

SHF Strength

Power up to this playlist! Find the energy deep within you to drive through your strength training and accomplish your goals.

SHF Cardio

Saddle up to this playlist! Whether you’re running or doing other H.I.I.T., this will help you find that extra determination.


SHF Cooldown

Power down to this playlist! Every great workout needs to end with a cool-down focused on your body and it’s recovery.


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