10 Holi-Date Ideas
Susan Hoff
December 6, 2021

Take advantage of the Christmas magic with a romantic date for two!

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The Christmas lights, the music, the warmth. The metaphorical table is set for a romantic date this holiday season. Break away from the week's to-do list and go out on a "holi-date!" Here are 10 ideas.

1. Look at the Lights

Wait until nightfall and walk through your downtown or a cozy neighborhood decked with lights. Sip on tea or hot chocolate as you take in all of the magic.

2. Set Up a Hot Chocolate Bar

Host a sample hot chocolate tasting for two. Perform a blind taste test and see if you can name that cocoa.

3. Compile Your Favorite Christmas Tunes

Create a playlist together of both of your favorite seasonal songs and play it all month long!

4. Bake Christmas Cookies

Maybe you have to bake some cookies for the family or want to decorate some cutouts and pass them out to neighbors. Recruit your partner and bake them together!

5. Run Christmas Errands

Running errands doesn't sound like much of a date at first. But, picking out your Christmas tree, shopping for gifts, wrapping, and decorating the house is way more festive and fun when done as a couple!

6. Go Ice Skating

Grab your scarf and beanie and hit the rink!

7. Watch your Favorite Christmas Movie(s)

Have a Christmas classic that you have to watch every year? Maybe he does too! Watch them both for a Christmas movie marathon.

8. Concoct Christmas Cocktails

Follow a recipe or get creative. Whether you sip on something warm or chilled, you will feel the cheer!

9. Craft Your Own Ornaments or Christmas Cards

Break out the craft box and start decorating new ornaments to hang on the tree or a couples Christmas card. No one needs a fancy photoshoot, just a festive card with glitter and Christmas color. Homemade is always more personal!

10. Start Your Own Tradition

Maybe these options sound too cookie cutter for you two. Then make your own Christmas tradition! Plan something unique to the both of you that you can return to in the years to come.

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