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As a mother, model, fitness competitor, and influencer, I receive questions all the time from friends and family about my favorite items in the kitchen and new, undiscovered apparel items for the gym and traveling days.

After personally trying each of these products, they've earned my official stamp of approval. I'm excited to share them with you to try for yourself. In some instances, I've even included a special promo with each item! #StartAHealthyHabit

Trending items

Discover trending items I'm actively using right now. I'll be sure to update this page periodically to keep you in the loop with all my favorite items. And if you're asking whether I receive any compensation, the answer is yes, but hey, it takes a lot of time to put these things together. I hope you enjoy! 

Mini Activewear

Mini Activewear features sexy and comfortable apparel that I feel great in working out! It's an absolute staple in my gym rotation.
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Butcher Box

Forget the daunting trips to the local butcher and market. Butcher Box delivers delicious proteins from responsibly-sourced vendors.
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When you're looking for something luxury and wrinkle-free to travel in, this is it! I love all the creative looks and top-tier production.
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Sure, there are plenty of lotions and moisturizers out there, but OneSkin strengthens and smooths skin. Try this once and you'll be hooked.
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This is the first device to hack your metabolism. It tells me what my body needs and how to best support it. It's my favorite item!
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Primal Kitchen

When you clean up your diet and start eating real foods you'll feel great inside and out knowing it's made with real ingredients.
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