20-Minute All Trimester Pregnancy Workout
Susan Hoff
December 14, 2020

Exercise your way throughout your pregnancy with this 20-minute workout.

No matter what trimester you are in, working out while pregnant can feel awkward, tight, and tiresome. You know you must limit your movements, listen to your body, and push yourself only as far as today will let you go. You may love your bump, but struggle with your exercise limitations. So, let’s focus on the things that you can do while pregnant. Below are 3 exercise circuits that you will not only be able to do all throughout your pregnancy, but will also enjoy as they will feel good on those tight hips and cramping calves.

Keep in mind that you can make these exercises as difficult or easy as you would like. Add weights where you can, make sure to squat as low as you can, and squeeze your glutes, belly, and shoulder blades as hard as you can at the end of each extension!

Leg Circuit

30 seconds each exercise, 2 times through

Squats with a pulse at the bottom

Sumo squats

Lateral lunges (right)

Lateral lunges (left)

Upper Body Circuit

30 seconds each exercise, 2 times through

Pushups (hands on a wall, a chair, or on the ground)

Small arm circles (forward)

Big arm circles (backward)

Tricep extensions

Core Stability Circuit

30 seconds each exercise, 2 times through

*You are not working on your six pack right now, but just on your stability and balance as pregnancy tends to throw both out of whack.

Bird dog extensions left arm (right leg)

Bird dog extensions right arm (left leg)


Side plank arm curl-ins (right)

Side plank arm curl-ins (left)

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