3 Steps to a Clean Closet
Susan Hoff
July 24, 2021

Wade through the mess and create a chic, modern space.

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Could your closet use a little post-spring cleaning? Or are you wanting to move your end-of-summer and fall clothes to the front and push the winter and spring clothes aside for the time being? Have you been looking at the whirlwind of clothes and wondering how to even start organizing?

You do not need to wait for the perfect opportunity to clean out and reorganize your closet. Now is the time to wade through the mess and start strategizing how to prevent it all from piling up again. Below are three tips to help you start and stay organized—until the next closet purge.

1. Be Objective

Before you start filling up the back of your closet with lesser-worn clothes, take the time to try on the clothes you aren't so sure about. Sorting unneeded items wastes time and makes your closet appear more cluttered.

After you have tried the questionable items on, sort all of your clothes into piles. Pack the old, over-worn, never-worn, or outdated clothing into boxes for Goodwill. Have trash bags with you so that you can move your unwanted clothes into the bags immediately. You will limit the mess and be able to quickly haul your loads down to your car—ready for the donation bin.

Then, separate your warm- and cold-weather clothes. Further separate these clothes into most-worn and least-worn. Now that you have narrowed down your keepers and organized them into sections, it's time to strategize a system.

2. Create a System

Look at your closet and imagine where you would like to see your favorite, most-worn pieces. Stuffing clothes into your closet and drawers is no longer a viable option. Picture the ideal closet space in your head and think through the type of system that will benefit you best. This step includes some of my favorite organizational supplies.

Purchase clear storage containers, storage cubes, a hanging closet organizer, or wire baskets to store big items like sweatshirts, pajamas, and jeans or small items like bathing suits, scarves, and accessories.

Small, shoe box-sized storage boxes (or shoe boxes themselves) can help keep pairs of shoes together. Slide each box into place and no longer allow yourself to throw your shoes into the abyss at the bottom of your closet. You can also use these boxes to help you store lesser-worn shoes for specific occasions on overhead shelves or under the bed and out of sight.

3. Create an Aesthetic

You have narrowed down and organized your clothes into a neat system. It's time to start thinking through some aesthetic ways to give your closet a cohesive, yet minimalistic look.

Throw away your broken, stretched out hangers and replace them with new ones. Flocked hangers will keep your clothes in place and make your closet look more coordinated.

You can also benefit from purchasing a vacuum storage bag for clothes you won't wear anytime soon. If you have a small closet or if you want to minimize the mess, this organizational storage hack will come in handy! And, the storage bag will better preserve your clothes by sealing out the dust and keeping everything safe and in place.

A stand-alone clothes rack may also help with any spacing issues your wardrobe has. When done right, it can make your room look more chic and modern.

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