4 Tips on Keeping an Indoor Plant Alive
Susan Hoff
July 3, 2021

Brown thumbs still have a chance for some indoor greenery! Try implementing these 4 tips.

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Plants can be just as temperamental and fussy as babies. Honestly, keeping a baby alive may be easier than a plant in some ways. For one, your baby will remind you to feed her. A plant will just sit there, give you the silent treatment, and wait for you to either water it or let it die. For you brown thumbs, here are a few tips to keep your indoor potted plants alive.

1. Watch Your Watering

You do not usually need to water your plant every day. Too much watering and the soil won't have time to try. This will create a constant damp or soggy environment that will lead to root rot. Set a reminder on your phone every other day to check your plant's soil consistency. Place your finger into the soil nearest the edge of the pot. If it is dry, it's time to water it. If it is still damp, you can wait until tomorrow and do the same thing.

When you do water your plant, make sure to pour the water into the soil until you see it begin to trickle out of the bottom. If the plant is small, it makes sense to do this process over the sink an avoid any messes. If you have a dish underneath to catch the water, make sure to change it or dump the extra water out about half an hour after watering so that your plant doesn't stay sitting in a pool of water.

2. Choose the Right Pot

When potting your plant, choose a pot with drainage holes at the bottom. Without these, the pot will hold all of the water in and expedite root rot. You can also place a layer of pebbles on the bottom of the pot to make sure the roots remain distanced from any trapped water to save your plant from drowning. If you check the top soil and it's dry, but the leaves are droopy, your plant most likely is being drowned by excess water in the bottom of the pot.

You also want to make sure your plant has enough space to grow and thrive in its new home. As you water it, the plant's roots will grow. if the pot is too small and there isn't enough room for them to spread out, they won't be able to steady the amount of leaves and flowers your plant is producing and will choke itself out, wither, and die. This means, try not to leave your plant in the tray or pot you received it in. Instead, re-pot your plant into a pot that is bigger than the original one. If it starts wilting, there is still time to  exchange the pot for an even bigger one.

3. Let the Light In

Your plant will tell you how much light it needs. Well, at least its tag will. If the indoor plant you choose needs full or partial sun, you want to make sure it sits close to a window that streams in enough light. You will probably notice that the plants that love the sun begin to reach and lean in the direction of the window. Rotate your plant periodically to avoid this one-sidedness. If you notice paler leaves than normal, you will want to move your plant to a place with more sun so that it can thrive and return to its normal color.

4. Use Potting Soil

When picking out your new indoor plant, pick up some potting soil as well. You will need new soil for potting your plant into its new home, but not all dirt is the same. To makes sure your new green baby thrives, pick out a soil mix that contains nutrients and fertilizers to build its health. The stronger the foundation, the more likely the baby will grow up healthy and strong.

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