4 Apps That Make Exercise Fun
Susan Hoff
May 22, 2020

Download one or all four of these apps that make working out fun!

Why do people return to the exercises they hate? I mean, if you despise jogging or running (like me!), then why devote hours of your life each week to it? If your goal is to lose weight, then there are other ways to lose weight! If your goal is to increase your cardio, then there are so many other ways to amp up your cardio! Technology makes it possible for us to add all sorts of incentives and fun to our workouts and activities. So why not take advantage of them? Below are four apps that can help you have fun while you break a sweat.

Apps that Make Exercise Fun

Technology has certainly added a new layer of fitness motivation for the tech savvy. Here are a few apps I have tried and loved. They help you tackle fitness through competition and gamification.


Stepbet caught my interest immediately. You pay into the pot, and everyone who hits their step goals each weeks divides the pot at the end! The bets usually last six weeks. What better way to increase your fitness regime when there is money on the line! There is a sister app, Dietbet, but I'm not certain of anything that turns weight loss into a competition.


Fitbit Challenges and Adventures has been working to expand their competitive offerings. Join in 24-hour or weekly challenges against your friends list for some friendly competition. Now you can also walk or run though step adventures that are based on real places!


Walkr is a cute little app that uses your phone's pedometer. Your steps result in game energy that you can use. You have a little spaceship and can explore different planets! The farther you walk, the more planets you can explore.

Zombies, Run!

If you find running or walking boring, then Zombies, Run! is an app you should try. The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world and there are… zombies. The story is narrated through your headphones as you become a character in the game. Spoiler alert: zombie chases are included! Bet you will run a little faster after you download this game.

I’m sure I haven’t included everyone’s favorite app here. If you found an app that makes your exercise fun, let me know in the comments section below!

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