4 Apps to Organize Your Life
Susan Hoff
January 1, 2021

Happy New Year! Achieve your resolutions with these helpful organization tools.

Too much on your plate? Too many balls in the air? Not enough “busy” metaphors to explain your life? Sometimes just organizing your to-do list can help you step out of the whirlwind and look with a clear head at what is at hand. Below are 4 apps you can download on your computer to help organize your life. 

1. Wunderlist

Did you write yourself a to-do list today and then leave it at home? Or scribble your home and work needs on five different sticky notes only to find one left on your desk, one stuck to your sleeve, and the other three MIA? With Wunderlist, you can create tasks with due dates and categorize them for the different facets of your life. You can also share them with others and set reminder alerts to help you remember to pick up the kids at 2pm or move the car for the street sweeper on Thursday mornings. 

2. Evernote

You can think of Evernote as a to-do list with benefits. While you can write down and categorize all of your upcoming tasks, you can also jot down your random thoughts, ideas, and dreams for later; save websites you want to keep track of; scan receipts and important documents; combine all of your notes from your work meetings; and record voice memos. 

3. LastPass

Of course you forgot your password again. You have too many to count and have had to recreate it in so many variations that there is no possible way you are going to remember this for next time. But LastPass will. Add your personal and work passwords into one place where you can easily look up your logins. You do not want to get locked out of your own accounts. Use this useful tool so that you never forget your passwords again.

4. ActiveInbox

Instead of opening your inbox in the morning to find an overwhelming amount of to-dos, use ActiveInbox to help you manage your emails and categorize your day. You can have it mark emails that need immediate attention and turn them into tasks or add in a followup task to remind you to go back and check in on a project. Lastly, you can implement the “send later” function and compose an email that you wish to send on a different day or at a more decent hour for the recipient. 

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