4 Dairy-Free Coffee Creamers You Have to Try
Susan Hoff
September 29, 2021

Your first sip of coffee in the morning. Mmmm... so good. But, is it good for you?

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Have you ever looked at the nutritional facts of your daily coffee creamer? It may surprise how many grams of sugar and unknown ingredients it contains.

If you break down the grams of sugar into teaspoons, you may have a clearer perspective of how much sugar you are sipping down. 4g of sugar equals 1 tsp. When you think of 12g as 3 spoonfuls of sugar, it might make you think twice before adding another drizzle of creamer into your beverage. Below are five wholesome dairy- and sugar-free coffee creamers that you should try in your morning brew.

1. Primal Kitchen Collagen Fuel Protein Mix

As we get older, we produce less and less natural collagen and require an external supplement to support our skin and hair health. This Primal Kitchen coffee creamer gives you a big dose of collagen first thing in the morning. The flavors in this mix source from coconut milk powder and vanilla extract. So, while it may taste sweet, these flavors are derived from whole, non-processed foods. Confidently pour your second cup and enjoy the creamer without the refined sugar or dairy!

2. Laird Superfood Coffee Creamer

This plant-based coffee creamer also leans heavily on coconut for all of its nutrients and flavor. Simply stir it into your morning coffee and enjoy a creamy and delicious morning cup of joe! The company was founded by big wave surfer, Laird Hamilton who swore by these healthy fats in the morning to fuel his day and his performance in the water. This creamer not only tastes great and sources from clean ingredients, it sustains you for hours and energizes you to perform at you best all day long. One bag of the powdered creamer contains 227 servings!

3. Nutpods

Thanks coconut, but you can step aside just a tad to allow almonds some coffee-creaming glory. Without any unnecessary additives, the Nutpods creamer can sub in for half-and-half in your morning coffee and includes all the richness without the calories or the dairy. If you value lattes without too much sweetness, you will enjoy this almond and coconut blend. This more neutral creamer comes in a variety of flavors and contains only 10 calories. It also pairs well with keto, Whole30, vegan, gluten- and dairy-free diets.

4. Califia Farms Unsweetened Better Half

The Califia coffee creamer may remove the dairy and processed sugar from your morning coffee, but it never sacrifices its flavor. You will feel like you are indulging with a rich morning latte, but this sugar-, dairy-, soy-, and carrageenan-free creamer does not make you choose between healthy and delicious. Made from coconut cream and almondmilk, you might think you are in for a calorie crusade, but this smooth and creamy alternative to half-and-half only contains 15 kcals per serving!

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