4 Forgotten Fitness Finds
Susan Hoff
April 9, 2021

Break out some new fitness toys that challenge your form, balance, and endurance!

Keep your workouts far from boring. Use different pieces of fitness equipment to challenge the exercises you have mastered so that you continue to set new goals for yourself. Try implementing these four pieces of equipment for a full-body burn. You can usually find these products in the gym, but you can also purchase them for a more vigorous workout from home routine.

1. Jump Rope

It’s not just a kid’s toy. The jump rope can warm you up, test your agility, and build your stamina. Try jumping rope for three minutes straight and you will see what I mean. If you like cardio and HIIT workouts, the jump rope can teach you to quicken your pace and keep you going for longer than you thought possible.

Make sure to purchase one that fits your height so you don’t get tangled in the extra length or trip on the taught rope!

2. Bosu Ball

Push yourself to unbalanced limits. Think you’ve got a strong core? Try your crunches, boat pose, or planks on the round side of the bosu ball. Love the leg shake? Take your squats up a notch and stand on the flat part of the ball to balance. If the balanced forms of these exercises is new, start with only your body weight. Adding on weight too soon can prove dangerous and lead to injury.

3. Agility Mat

It’s not your average game of hopscotch. The agility mat can keep you on your toes and hasten your pace for those quick feet. Or, you can use it to practice your walking lunges, moving shoulder builders, or plank walks. Roll it out and burn out those reps.

4. Body Bars

You have got to love tricep dips! With the body bars, you can deepen your dips and engage your core for stability. You can also practice inverted rows, pull-ups, and push ups on these bars for a full upper body circuit!

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