4 Ways to Rock the Beanie
Susan Hoff
December 4, 2021

It's the crowning piece to your seasonal style. Wear it well this winter with these suggestions.

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I love wearing beanies. No one needs to know whether you are embracing the holiday style or just hiding your unwashed hair in a cute hat! That's the beauty of the beanie! It's casual, yet fun. Sexy, yet effortless.

Below are four different beanie styles that you can choose from this winter. It's up to you to keep your bangs out, tuck your low bun in, pair it with a scarf, or don the leather jacket. The beanie is the crowning piece to your seasonal style. But, here are a few suggestions!

1. The Cuffed Beanie

How to Wear it:

Simply pull it over your head and cuff it up.

What to Wear it With:

You can rock the cuffed beanie look while Christmas tree shopping in the cold weather or indoors at a warm coffee shop. Pair it with casual clothing, such as a flannel jacket, leggings, and a comfy pair of sneakers.

2. The Slouchy Beanie

How to Wear it:

Push it back on your head and bunch the extra material to rest on the back of your neck.

What to Wear it With:

Slouchy beanies also exude a casual look. Too many loose pieces of clothing in this outfit may make it look too frumpy and "blah." Switch it up as you work your way down. Since the beanie is loose, wear a tighter-fitting top so that you can see a little of your curves. Then don the big jacket or oversize cardigan, pull on those skinny jeans, and zip up a pair of booties.  

3. The Pom Pom Beanie

How to Wear it:

The pom pom beanie comes in both a classic style—like the cuffed beanie—as well as a slouchy style. If you're wearing the classic style, pull it tight over your head so the pom pom sticks straight up. If you're pulling on the slouchy style, adhere to the slouchy beanie guidelines above.

What to Wear it With:

The pom pom beanie veers more towards cold weather hats than the above two. They are usually made out of wool, so they are thick and textured (like the photo below). It may behoove you to wear clothing with less textures/patterns to give your beanie room to shine. I recommend a more neutral colored/textured jacket and a pair of skinny jeans—oh, and a new pair of boots!

4. The High-Top Beanie

How to Wear it:

Set the high-top beanie higher up on your forehead than you regularly would and let the extra material stick straight up above your head.

What to Wear it With:

This look makes more of a statement than the others. When you wear it this way, you take on a retro style. So, own your look with a leather jacket, a throwback windbreaker, or a 90's pullover.

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