5 Exercises That Go After Your Glutes

Susan Hoff
July 6, 2022

Working hard for that booty pop? Try these five exercises on your next leg day and feel the burn.

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High, round, and tight. We all want and work hard for that booty pop. But, how do you get it? By going after your glutes!

Try to make at least one of your leg days each month a glute-only leg day. You don't want to neglect the quads, calves, and hamstrings. But, having a day specifically designed to pop your booty will help you meet the above goals.

Below is a sample glute-focused leg day with five exercises that will shape up your glutes. Shoot for 15 reps on each side and rest for 60-90 seconds in between sets.

Perform the first exercise three times all the way through before moving onto the second one. Also, make sure to get a quick warm-up before jumping into the set. I included videos explaining each exercise below so you can have a better visual.

1. Single Leg Romanian Deadlift

Equipment Needed: Dumbbell or Kettlebell

What an exercise to start you out, right? This one kills, but it gets results. Choose a weight that you can feel in control of and make sure to use your glutes and abs to pull yourself back up to standing.

Here's How to Perform a Single Leg RDL

How to Make it Harder:

Increase the weight of your dumbbells. You can also stand on a box to increase your range of motion if you are fairly felxible and need more room to reach down.

How to Make it Easier:

Decrease or drop the weights completely.

2. Split Squat

Equipment Needed: Bench

Make sure to keep your knee directly over your ankle when you squat down. It is a vertical motion, not a horizontal one.

Here's How to Perform a Split Squat

How to Make it Harder:

Add weights in each hand. Check your form before adding more weights! You do not want to put unnecessary strain on your knees.

How to Make it Easier:

Each time you start out this exercise afresh, try the split squat and do as many as you can. Once you have hit your limit, then move to the regular lunges.

3. Hip Thrusts

Equipment Needed: Medball or Barbell

You will work different parts of your legs and glutes depending on how far away you roll. Find the hardest spot for you and then target the heck out of it.

Here's How to Perform Barbell Hip Thrusts

How to Make it Harder:

Place a dumbbell or plate on your hips.

How to Make it Easier:

Roll the medball away and place your feet firmly on the floor for stationary glute bridges.

4. Wide-Stance Leg Press

Equipment Needed: Leg Press

Keep your back resting firmly against the seat. Arching or leaning forward will engage your back instead of your glutes.

Here's How to Perform a Wide-Stance Leg Press

How to Make it Harder:

Add more plates.

How to Make it Easier:

Remove some or all plates.

5. Smith Machine Kickback

Equipment Needed: Smith Machine

Also known as an assisted squat rack, this machine can do more for your legs and butt than you might think! When adding weight, start small because your lower back will come to your aid if your legs give out.

Here's How to Perform a Smith Machine Kickback

How to Make it Harder:

Add plates to either side of the smith machine.  

How to Make it Easier:

Remove some or all plates. If this exercise is still too hard, then move off the smith machine and place a dumbbell in your knee crease. While holding the weight, push your heel straight up.

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