5 Ways to Bring the Family Together

Susan Hoff
February 13, 2022

It’s time to make time for family time!

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Eating dinner together as a family can feel like a struggle. Even if the whole family does have the chance to sit down together, it doesn't take long before the chairs excuse themselves, plates disappear, phones light up, and doors shut—closing out any hope for family time. While COVID quarantine has invited everyone indoors for larger quantities of time, that doesn't always correlate with more quality family togetherness.

It’s time to make time for family time! Establish a moment, once a night or once a week, to ignore the text messages and emails and bring the whole family together to make memories that will last. Propose one of the following suggestions to the family and cherish the temporary joys of a full house.


1. Game On

Break open the classic board games that have instilled laughs and togetherness for decades. Monopoly, Sorry, Twister, or Candy Land all have been known to bring everyone closer. Or, try a new game on for size. Sing, act, sculpt or solve word puzzles in the team and family building game, Cranium. Get to know each other’s sense of humor and storytelling with Loaded Questions. Go for the game that fits your family and spend the time after dinner lounging and laughing around the table.

2. Get Hooked on a TV Show

TV can suck the life out of any conversation or get together. But, making a scheduled time to gather everyone around for your family’s favorite TV show can surprisingly produce the alternate effect. After every last person has sat down, talk through the show together and laugh at the unfortunate circumstances of past episodes or predict what will happen in future episodes!

3. Join a Class or Club

Weekends can fill up with soccer games and swim meets, but setting aside a time to participate in an organized group sport or activity can quickly add a little friendly competition or create some unforgettable inside jokes. If your family is musically gifted, enroll in a music class for all ages. Dance or karate chop your way toward a closer family. Or, take up drawing or storytelling for a more traditional, relaxing activity.

4. Call all Chefs, Bakers, and Taste Testers to the Kitchen

Set aside a night a week and find a job for each family member to complete so that everyone gets involved. Families that can cook together can appreciate each other’s hard work and enjoy a meal that each hand has contributed to. Not to mention, family-cooked meals add a sense of accomplishment and understanding for all that goes into getting each plate on the table. Feel confident that these skills can come in handy for the weeks and even years to come!

5. Get Outdoors

Especially as spring approaches, Saturday or Sunday afternoon outdoor activities will become more and more inviting. Bike to dinner, explore a new hiking trail, or learn to surf (if you live near the coast)! There may only be a limited time before the afternoon study sessions and soccer games pull people away, but even walking the dog as a family can help preserve the familial closeness!

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