5 Ways to Fit a Workout in on Christmas Day
Susan Hoff
December 24, 2020

Enjoy the day with the family and a Christmas-themed workout!

Christmas Day is filled with cheer. Sometimes too much cheer. You might feel you need a break from the sweets and treats by the time you get to Christmas morning and find yourself wanting to sweat it out. But it’s Christmas for goodness sake. Don’t go to the gym. 

You can, however, still boost your metabolism, feel the endorphin rush, and burn a few extra calories on Christmas Day without having to say goodbye to the fam. It’s time to have a little fun. And still break a sweat, of course. 

1. Kid-Carrying Squats

Think of these squats like weighted squats at the gym. If you have kids, you know how heavy they can be. How many squats can you do while holding them before your legs give out or they wiggle out of your arms? While everyone is enjoying their new gifts, take another sip of coffee, reposition your Santa hat, and wrangle one kid at a time into your arms to pump out a few squats.

2. Gift Bag Bicep Curls

While carrying the gifts downstairs to place under the tree early Christmas morning, choose the two heaviest gift bags and give them a curl or two. Keep going until your arms burnout. Then, go for the next two gift bags. And then next two. Continue your bicep burnout until you have curled all the bags and set them under the tree.

3. Reindeer Run

After a nice, slow morning of opening presents in your pjs, have everyone put on their workout attire and line up single file in the front yard. Give each participant a reindeer name and lead the pack as you loop around the street. On dasher!

4. Burpees

The baby will need to be fed and burped every three hours today, like any other day. But today, after you finish burping the baby, do some burpees yourself. Start with five and add on one more after every feeding. What does this have to do with Christmas, you ask? Nothing—but it is fun making you do burpees on Christmas. 

5. Protein Shake Break

You have to refuel the tank and reward yourself for your strenuous workout. Pour yourself a glass of milk and reach for that cookie you have been eyeing all day. You deserve it!

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