7 Summer Date Ideas
Susan Hoff
June 30, 2021

Break out of your regular ruts and try a few of these adventurous, inexpensive summer date ideas.

While quarantine has mandated large quantities of time to be spent at home with family, quality time with just your special someone might be lacking. Get out of the house and add a little pizzazz to your regular date nights. Things are open again! Summer is here and it's lighter longer! Take notes and try out a few of these summer date ideas.

1. Try Out a New Recipe

Opt for a date night in. Take some extra prep time to decide on a new, outside-of-the-box recipe and compile a grocery list. Come date night, you can walk through the grocery store together to pick out of the fixings. Go the extra mile and pair your dinner with a wine and maybe even a fun dessert! Make it an experience.  

2. Attend an Improv Show, Play, or Concert

Local colleges and community groups put on shows around town. Maybe you two want to laugh, sing along to nostalgic songs, or appreciate the culture of theater. It has probably been a while since you have gone out to any sort of showing because of quarantine, so make it a night to remember. Turn the page from "dinner and a movie" with these more interactive options and don't forget to bring fun snacks, drinks, or sweets!

3. Go on a Morning Date

Change up date night by making it a date day! Hop on your bikes and head into your local downtown area. You can explore the farmer's market (bring a basket or a backpack to carry your goodies!) and pick out some coffee and breakfast. Ride over to a scenic spot for a morning picnic.

4. Plan a Day Trip

Break free of the same-old-same-old and venture just far enough away where you don't know the street names and restaurant menus by heart. You can be tourists without having to drive too far from home. Get lunch at a new restaurant, go wine tasting, or walk through downtown and window shop!

5. Try a New Sport Together

This might get some couples out of their comfort zone. In my opinion, I think it's better to try a sport that neither of you know very well. If one has played soccer for years and you both jump on the field, it might spur on a little negative competition or raise some tension. Try something completely new! Purchase a day pass at a rock climbing gym, rent e-bikes or paddle boards, attend a community dance class. Something that will make you laugh at yourself first and then at your partner.

6. Coffee Shop Hop

Do you both enjoy coffee? How about local craft coffee shops? You can turn this into a weekly Saturday tradition and try all the coffee shops in your surrounding area. While nothing is wrong with Starbucks, you know what you are going to get. Do your research and list out all of the coffee shops within a 30-minute radius that you haven't been to. You can just sit and enjoy a cup of joe or rate each shop for the coffee's quality, prices, atmosphere, friendliness, etc.

7. Visit Local Open Houses

With COVID-19 restrictions loosening up, the in-person, non-appointment-only open houses are starting to open again! Walk through the staged houses and imagine yourself living in luxury. You two can craft your own opinions on paint color, flooring choice, lighting arrangements, and kitchen cabinet style.

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