A Tuna Salad Makeover

Susan Hoff
November 29, 2021

It's about time we took back the "salad" in tuna salad.

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Your stomach growls its lunchtime bell, prompting you to open the fridge to see what you can scrap together. No leftovers. No lunch meat. Nothing protein-packed to fill you up. So you open your pantry and grab the tuna can. In and of itself, tuna's nutritional content receives a glowing report. But, healthy ends when you grab the mayonnaise jar and loaf of bread. So, why not take back the "salad" in tuna salad? It's a perfect lunch to make in a pinch since tuna is shelf-stable. Chop together the rest of the fixings and you'll be eating lunch in less than 15 minutes!


(Serves: 2 | Prep Time: 10-15min)

- ½ red bell pepper

- 1-2 Persian cucumber(s)

- 7 oz. albacore tuna can

- ½ avocado

- a small handful of shredded carrots

- a small handful of shredded red cabbage

- a large handful of spinach

- fresh parsley, for garnish

- alfalfa sprouts, for garnish

- avocado-based "mayonnaise," for dressing


1. Chop the red bell pepper, cucumber, and avocado and drain the water out of the tuna can.

2. In two medium-sized bowls, lay down a bed of spinach and top with your chopped veggies, carrots, red cabbage, and tuna.

3. Drizzle with avocado-based "mayonnaise" and garnish with parsley and alfalfa sprouts. Lunch is served!

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