Adding Magic Into Your Everyday Life!

Susan Hoff
July 27, 2022

Is everyday magic sprinkled throughout your days or do you tend to dwell on the mundane?

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Is everyday magic sprinkled throughout your days or do you tend to dwell on the mundane and find your life to have become dull or ordinary? Do you feel inspired and alive or are you constantly craving something more, whether that “something” can be defined or not?

We define magic as many things, but an open and optimistic state of mind is where it really all begins. An imagination and point of view where possibilities are endless and creativity is welcomed and unleashed! Here are a few tips on how to add that magic and sparkle back into your life.


Make time in the morning for yourself to breathe, reflect, and manifest the rest of the day.  Write positive affirmations in your journal every morning. What are you looking to manifest and attract to your life? In the present tense, write what you desire to create in your life. Read them aloud to yourself.


Say magical things to yourself in the mirror. There’s power in hearing your dreams and desire aloud, so speak beautiful thoughts and ideas while taking yourself in within the mirror. Retrain your perception of yourself and empower your inner and outer beauty by believing it.


Use medicinal herbs and plants as remedies for healing. Making your own elixir drinks, teas, and tinctures is a powerful, magical way to learn what your body responds to. Start a collection of herbs and extracts, including hemp and CBD, to see what plant life offers.

Here are a few other tips on how you can add magic to your space and life:

- Use candles as your source of primary lighting in the evening. Soft lighting can completely transform a space, unleashing creativity and opening your mind up dreaming awake.

- Take a quick day trip to a beautiful place in your city. Find a botanical garden or an art gallery that you haven’t visited before.

- Add botanicals to your life. There’s something about the beauty of nature that inspires wonder and pride within yourself. Plant life not only purifies the air, it also adds a bohemian, vibrant aura that will positively affect your space.

Now get out there and make today a magical one!

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