Blackened Salmon Tacos

Susan Hoff
June 28, 2020

Have a delicious and nutritious Taco Tuesday Night in!

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There are so many ways to form a taco into the perfect plate-to-mouth transportation device. But, with salmon, salsa, avocados, and a little goat cheese, you will discover a new staple to your Taco Tuesday nights. The flavors all blend together so well that you will barely have time to grab a plate before you dig in. 

It’s important to take tacos very seriously. They are their own food group after all...or at least they should be. With the following health-conscious ingredients, you will be able to both salivate over and savor these delicious, nutritious morsels. 


(Serves: 4 | Prep Time: 30min)

- 1 fillet of boneless, skinless salmon (wild, not farmed)

- 8 quinoa-based tortillas 

- avocado oil

- Thrive Market taco seasoning

- 2 mini cucumbers

- 4 mini sweet bell peppers

 - ¼ red onion

- 1 avocado

- goat cheese, for garnish

- salsa of your choice, for garnish

- Sriracha, for garnish

- cilantro, for garnish



1. Turn your grill on high. Tear off a large piece of foil and place the salmon on top. Rub a little avocado oil and taco seasoning onto both sides of the fish. Fold the foil over the salmon so that it seals it in tightly.

2. Place the foil-encased salmon onto the grill, close the lid and set your timer for 7 minutes. 

3. While you wait, chop up the red onion, red onion, cucumbers, mini bell peppers, and cilantro for the taco garnish.

4. Once the 7 minutes have passed, flip the fish and set your timer for another 7 minutes.

5. Right after you take the salmon off of the grill, throw the tortillas on and flip them a few times until they soften and warm up.

6. Lay some of the salmon into a taco shell and top with the chopped veggies, crumbled goat cheese, and cilantro. Drizzle a little salsa or Sriracha over the masterpiece. It’s taco time.

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