Cinco De Mayo Margaritas
Susan Hoff
May 5, 2021

Nothing says Cinco De Mayo better than a good margarita!

Yes, Cinco De Mayo is on a Wednesday this year. But that doesn't mean we can't enjoy a few friends and couple cocktails! Maybe you plan to party tonight or maybe you're getting together with a few people this weekend. Either way, you should definitely plan on pouring yourself one of these festive margaritas!


(Makes approx. 12 drinks)

Margarita Mixture:

3 cups 100% Agave Tequila

1 ½ cups Triple Sec

12 cups ice

1 ½ cups lime juice

½ cup raw, local honey or agave syrup

Your Choice of Fruit:

Orange Slices

Apple Slices


Cucumber Slices

Watermelon Slices

Your Choice of Garnish:

A handful of basil

A handful of cilantro

4-5 jalapeños, sliced

A handful of tajín

Dry Supplies:

2-quart pitcher

1 cocktail shaker

6-12 mason jars

6-12 colorful straws or umbrellas (optional but festive!)


1. Combine all of the margarita mixture ingredients together in a pitcher, except for the ice.

2. Pour a handful of tajín onto a cutting board and rim each mason jar with a lime. Flip the jars over into the salt so the moist rim holds onto the tajin.

3. Fill a cocktail shaker almost full with ice and pour the margarita mixture over the ice. Place a few of your desired fruit slices inside the shaker and shake hard for about 10 seconds so that the fruit infuses.

4. Fill your mason jars with ice and strain the margaritas into each glass.

5. Top with your choice of garnish (I love a few jalapeño for a spicy kick!) and a few more slices of fruit.

6. Add a straw or umbrella and garnish with a lime wedge.

7. Cheers!

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