Dinner Table Conversation Starters
Susan Hoff
November 22, 2021

Keep holiday conversation light and easy with help from these three newsletters.

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The holidays are upon us and it might have been a while since we have gathered together to talk about big-ticket items like life decisions and job changes as well as small talk topics like the weather and sports. Are you traveling to see family or friends this year? Are you nervous about keeping the conversation going? Below are three newsletters filled with content that may help bolster your talking points and keep the conversation afloat.

1. Morning Brew

Hopefully we've all learned to stay away from hot-button topics at a festive gathering. There are places to have these types of talks, but the dinner table over Christmas ham and a bottle of wine? Not the place. The Morning Brew newsletter sends you a daily array of interesting topics going on around the world that you can scroll through in less than five minutes. I love perusing over it each morning so that I feel in the loop about crypto currency, William Shatner blasting off into outer space, and the ever-changing job market. That's enough to keep the convo going, don't you think?

2. Eater

Traveling to your gathering this year? You have to check out the new hot spots to eat! I know, I know, you will be eating a lot once you arrive. But, what about your travel days leading up to the main event? Sign up for the Eater newsletter and receive daily emails regarding the latest in food, travel, and dining. You can also browse the website directory of the cities you are passing through and choose an up-and-coming restaurant that people are raving about. Everyone loves talking about food. And you will have a fresh, new story about a fun meal and trendy spot that they now have to try.

3. Bleacher Report

I like to think that sports is a mellow topic in most households. But, I know team affiliations can get a little spicy. Do try and use common sense before bringing up anything sports-related at the dinner table. But, if you are anything like my family, football conversation will be had. So, why not come to a family/friend gathering with your sports banter ready to go? Check out the Bleacher Report newsletter and read up on the all things sports—on and off the field.

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