Fall 2021 Fashion Trends
Susan Hoff
September 9, 2021

Stay warm, cozy, AND cute this coming fall!

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In light of fashion week this week, I thought I would highlight a few pieces of clothing that have climbed the ranks in popularity over the last few months. As the weather starts to cool down, we begin to drift towards our fall favorites—warm jackets, soft sweaters, and cozy boots. But, before you pull out last season's style, review the following four pieces and maybe pick out a few things that can help you confidently walk out in this year's fall fashion.

Below are four must-have items to wear this fall.

1. Body Suit

You can pair the body suit with a pair of work slacks and feel like a tucked-in professional or with a short corduroy skirt for a fun, fall evening. You can also purchase a variety of different types of body suits: tank top, short sleeve, long sleeve, thong bottom, cheeky bottom, etc. You don't have to worry about wrinkles or your shirt bunching up in weird places. You can button it into place and it will stay there the whole day—nicely hugging your curves.

2. Paperbag Pants

Paperbag pants are another versatile version of comfy and chic! Tuck in a tight-fitting top (or a body suit) and cinch your drawstring waistband for a tapered, flattering style. Did I mention that they have nice, big pockets too? No more of this tight pants with tiny pockets business! You can purchase paperbag joggers and lounge around the house in them on a Saturday or buy an office-ready pair so you can stay on trend in the workplace.

3. Dark Wash Jean Jacket

Jean jackets will never go out of style. But, the black denim jacket has clawed its way past all other jean jackets this fall. You can wear it with literally anything to complete your fashion-forward, fall outfit. Dress it up or down. Buy it oversized or buy it cropped. Button it all the way up or leave it open. The choices are endless and this purchase will stay in style long after the seasons change.

4. Lace-Up Boots

It's time to break out those lace-up boots! You can opt for the rugged look with lace-up hiking boots. You can shoot for an edgy look with lace-up combat boots. You can go for the chic look and pair your lace-up boots with a floral dress or tuck them into your black leggings and for a sporty look. No matter which look you choose to go with, you will look good in those boots.

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