Full-Body TRX Workout
Susan Hoff
September 2, 2021

One piece of equipment. Hundreds of full-body resistance exercises.

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If you have been building your at-home gym, you may have heard of or purchased your own TRX suspension trainer. Or, maybe you've seen the familiar black and yellow straps hanging up in another gym and wondered if they were a worthwhile workout or investment.

The TRX system utilizes gravity and body weight to ignite your core as you switch in some cardio, strength training, and full-body balance work.

All you have to do is anchor it to a strong foundation and you have a fully functional gym! Pack it in your suitcase for an explosive on-the-go workout or set it up in your garage and add it to your weekly rotation.

Below is a quick workout that will get it all in—upper body, legs, and core. This is a great one for the end of the week, when you may not have time to give an hour to one part of the body but would love to blast some calories and hit a little bit of everything.

I included short videos that break down each exercise, so take a moment to familiarize yourself with the workout and then get after it!



20 Squats

20 Alt. Curtsey Lunges

20 Golfer's Rotation Stretches


3x through

20 Squat Jumps

20 Lunges (on each side)

20 Hamstring Curls


3x through

12 High Rows

12 Low Rows

12 Lat Pulls

Chest, Tris, and Abs

3x through

12 Chest Presses

12 Tricep Extensions

20 Mountain Climbers

Cool Down

Chest Stretch

Hamstring Stretch

Lat Stretch

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