Get Mad: 4 Healthy Outlets for Anger

Susan Hoff
June 3, 2021

Find freedom and release by outwardly expressing your inward feelings.

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It is important to find an outlet to release your anger in healthy ways. Because, no matter what you say, you won't just "let it go." Suppressed anger has to come out somewhere. It can cause anxiety, fear, apathy, and an overall distance in relationships.

Those who struggle to find their voice in conflict will usually swallow their anger down and try to ignore it. Fight the temptation to ignore it. Transfer it into a physical manifestation of your inward anger and you will find your emotional balance once more. Below are four healthy and practical ways you can release your anger.

1. Hit Something (Not Someone)

Order yourself some gloves, wraps, and a small punching bag. You wouldn't believe how much better you will feel after just 10 seconds of punching a bag. It's such a good release. If you are not a boxer, you can sign up for a ball-hitting sport. Go play tennis or softball. Once you start making solid contact with the ball, amp up your swing and intensity for some real hardball. Channelling your anger into a productive and physical goal will help you sweat out your frustration and feel in control of your emotions once again.

2. Opt for a High Intensity Workout

The calming yoga can work. But, sometimes it will only make you feel more aware of your thoughts as your pent-up anger rises to the surface. In that case, put the yoga on hold for today and get outside for a hard run or a HIIT class. Turn on some loud music and squat jump out of your anger or step outside for a rigorous run. You can keep it short, just long enough for your endorphins to take over. Or you can try a long-distance run to help you process all the way through your anger—hopefully to a place of acceptance or resolve.

3. Journal, Draw, Paint, or Sing

You might want a less-aggressive outlet for your anger. Use the right side of the brain to release anger through gentle and creative outlets. You can write out how you feel or just write to write. The act of putting pencil to paper helps you feel more in control and able to express yourself. If you feel the need to physically speak in order to release your anger, try singing. You have to focus on the specific notes and pitch, but you also have a sense of self-expression and freedom that you don't have when talking.

4. Start a Home Project

Beginning and completing a goal will help productively transfer your anger form your head and out through your hands. Fix up your patio for summer get-togethers, build an ergonomic desk in your home office, or paint your bedroom a new color. Try to choose something that has a definitive end—something you can finish with a sense of accomplishment. You do not want to look up from the mess of wood, paint, nails, and screws and realize you feel even more helpless and angry.

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