How to Choose the Best Nutrition Bar for You

Susan Hoff
November 16, 2021

Are you looking for a hearty or a light snack? Post-workout protein or pre-workout energy?

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Have you checked the ingredients of your favorite snack bar? Maybe you need an extra bite to hold you over until dinner, but did you need all of the extra additives, sugars, and preservatives? Nobody needs those. C'mon snack bars. Do better. Be better. Below are four of my favorite, approved nutrition bars for all levels of hunger. Determine your snacking occasion below and then choose the bar for you.

Also, try to purchase the bars in bulk. Buying one at a time can add up. It's funny how the bars with fewer and cleaner ingredients end up costing more than the bars with mega ingredients.

Meal Replacement or Hearty Snack

Perfect Bar®

You've got 17g of protein and over 20 organic superfoods packed into this little gem. The protein sources from whole foods that you will recognize and pronounce. It's also refrigerated, which tells me that the ingredients are fresh, not overflowing with preservatives to keep it shelf stable. It's a tasty and easy 340 calories to swallow. Perfect for an on-the-go breakfast or a sizable snack after a light lunch.

Light Snack


This bar might contain the least amount of calories on this list, but it is absolutely filled with flavor. With only 180 calories and 5g sugar, it's the perfect midmorning snack to help you through the pre-lunch slump. My favorite is the Dark Chocolate Nuts and Sea Salt flavor. You can see the almonds lined up along the bar as well as the light stripes of dark chocolate. It's sweet and savory—everything you could want in the world.

Pre-Workout Energy Boost


The packaging happily lists a simple six ingredients in almost every bar. While the sugar count does appear high at first, you can rest easy knowing that the bars contain 0g added sugar. The dates give them a natural sweetness and the high fiber count helps slow down the absorption of sugar into your body. No sugar rush here! At 210 kcals, 16g (natural) sugar, and 5g protein, it's a perfect bite to give you the energy you need to blast it out at the gym.

Post-Workout Protein Boost


Need a protein-packed snack after a sweaty workout? Pack an RX bar with you to build your body back up and restore your energy. The ingredients are listed on the front of the bar in bigger letters than the logo! That's how proud of its simple and whole ingredients this company is. And I can confidently unwrap a bar since I know exactly what I am about to consume. This bar is date-based as well, so it is fiber-full and naturally sweet, but contains no added sugar.

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