How to Eat Right on Vacation
Susan Hoff
October 17, 2019

Eating healthy on vacation doesn’t have to be stressful.

Going on vacation is a fun and exciting time. Everything is booked and you are all set to go. You have been eating healthy and working out like crazy so you can look good in your bikini or swim trunks. Then panic starts to set in as you realize that the all-inclusive resort you’re staying at has a 24/7 ice cream bar or the city you are traveling to has a food truck festival going on throughout your stay. Don’t panic. Eating healthy on vacation doesn’t have to be stressful.

Let’s be honest, once you are in vacation mode, your body is right there with you. You are not thinking about how many calories your strawberry daiquiri is or how many dress sizes you will go up after eating a five course dinner. Vacation is all about enjoying yourself, isn’t it?! Although you may be indulging more on vacation than you would during your work week, you can still make healthy choices.

How to Avoid the Less-Healthy Food Options

First, make sure to prepare yourself for traveling. Airport and rest areas are loaded with fast food restaurants and unhealthy choices. These may be tempting since they are convenient, but it is best to pack your own snacks. Plus, it will help you save money. When packing for your trip, pack a reusable water bottle and blender bottle. Pack a few packets of protein powder in a ziplock bag or some almonds, pumpkin seeds, apple slices, dark chocolate chips, or even a few of your favorite protein bars for an easy and nutritious breakfast or snack. (I enjoy the chocolate coconut RX Bars). If you forget to bring your snacks, the little airport stores always have water bottles, bananas (which do not need to be organic), protein bars, trail mix, and nuts.

Do Your Research

Before you arrive at your destination, research restaurants that have healthy options in the area. If you are Paleo like me, the best restaurant cuisines are farm-to-table, Mexican, Mediterranean, Peruvian, and Japanese. You will still be able to indulge while staying on your Paleo wagon. If you are traveling to an all-inclusive resort or a place with all-you-can-eat buffets, eating healthy is easier than you think. A good rule of thumb at any time is to start with a broth-based soup or a salad. This will fill up space in your stomach, so you will not eat as much during the main course. Avoid food that is fried, creamy, or smothered in sauces. Instead, load your plate up with vegetables, proteins, whole grains, and fruit. When it comes time for dessert, always share and only savor a couple bites.

Mind Over Matter

Lastly, remember how hard you worked to look good on vacation. While you definitely deserve to indulge a little bit, don’t get carried away. The better you eat on vacation, the better you will feel during your vacation, and the easier it will be to get right back on track when you get home.

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