How to Make Healthy Choices When Ordering Your Meals
Susan Hoff
April 26, 2020

Order Your Meals in Good Health Conscience with these Five Steps!

Restaurants might be closed for the time being, but pick-up and delivery meals are alive and well. If you feel tired after a long day of work at home and want to eat out for dinner, you do not have to compromise your weight loss or health goals in the process. Below are five ways you can make healthy choices when choosing what to eat at your favorite restaurants. 

Pick Your Restaurant Earlier in the Day

Do not wait until you are starving to scroll through the Uber Eats restaurant options. Instead, choose what you want for dinner much earlier in the day. Peruse the menu and choose what you want to eat before you, in full-on hangriness, see a photo of that greasy burger and fries combo and impulse order. You will be far more likely to make healthier decisions when you are in a balanced state of mind. 

Portion Out Your Meal

Just because the restaurant served you a large portion does not mean that you need to eat it all. Instead, cut out the part of the meal that you think you will eat and put the rest in the refrigerator. You will be far less likely to overeat if it is not on your plate. You can still go back for seconds if you are hungry, but wait until you have finished the whole plate in front of you. Having the second portion away in the fridge and not sitting on the counter for when you return to the kitchen will also help you from snacking on it while washing the dishes. You can also look forward to the second half of your meal tomorrow for lunch!

Add in Extra Vegetables

Whether you are ordering a salad, soup, dish, or wrap, ask to add in extra vegetables. Sometimes restaurants will add them in at no extra charge, but other times they can charge you an arm and a leg for a couple chunks of zucchini or heads of broccoli. If that is the case, then prepare your own vegetables at home while you are waiting on your food to be delivered. You can greatly increase the amount of fiber in your diet, fill yourself up more quickly, and douse your body in the nourishing nutrients that the green leafy vegetables can offer. 

Ask for Sauce or Dressing on the Side

Even salads can double or triple in calorie count depending on how much dressing you are served. Ask for your sauce or dressing on the side and you can monitor how much you add to the meal. You can also use a dressing you already have at home — either one that you made or one you can see the serving size and nutrition facts to help you gauge your calorie, sodium, fat, and sugar intake for the day. 

Substitute for Whole Grains

Choose the dishes that come with whole grains, such as brown rice, quinoa, or oats. Just a simple swap of grains can amp up the fiber in your diet and slow down the rate at which you absorb the carbs and sugars from your meal. Most restaurants will have a whole grain option, whether you are ordering a poke bowl or a pizza.

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