How to Pick Your Gym

Susan Hoff
October 6, 2021

Ask yourself these four questions to figure out which type of gym is right for you.

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You want to get back in shape. So you decide to sign up for a gym membership... But for which gym? There are so many to choose from! You have the big-name gyms that offer cheaper monthly costs and every piece of equipment you could ask for. You have boutique gyms that offer one thing—but they do it well. You now even have online gyms, where you can sign up through an app and join a live class from your living room. How do you know which membership is the right one for you?

I recommend asking yourself four questions.

1. What are your musts?

Begin by thinking through what you must have included in your gym experience. Do you want a big weight room or are you more of a cardio junkie? Do you want a locker room with showers so that you can workout before you head to the office? Do you want to look through a schedule with an array of different exercise classes to join in every week? Do you want a towel service? (I mean, who doesn't?)

You will also want to evaluate your budget. How much are you willing to spend each month on this membership? Your fitness plan must fit within your financial means.

Once you have determined your musts as well as your monthly maximum, you can continue to your next question.

2. Do you want a trainer?

Some people need motivation to keep going. Others need help with form. Others want to be told what to do and not have to think up their own workouts. And still others just want to throw their headphones in and slam out some reps without anyone's assistance. Determine if you want help and then think through how much. If you need minimal assistance and can plan your workouts on your own, then a general gym membership is most likely the way to go. But, if you are wanting the extra help, I would absolutely recommend choosing a boutique gym where you will have an experienced personal trainer at your side. If you love classes and don't mind being told what to do through an app as you drip sweat on the living room rug, then join an online gym!

3. Do the gym hours/class times fit within your schedule?

When do you plan on fitting your workout in? Write out your schedule and think through your gym time slots. Then, take those times and set them against each gym you are thinking about joining. Make sure the class times or gym hours fit your schedule.

4. Can I visit another gym location when traveling?

How often do you travel? If often, then you may want to ask about the possibility of freezing your membership while you are away. If you are considering a larger gym franchise, then you can also look for a membership option that allows you access to all club locations.

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