How to Practice Self-Care While Traveling
Susan Hoff
April 7, 2021

Vacation your way and try implementing these 6 self-care tips.

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Sometimes it takes work to switch gears from work mode into vacation mode. With the world opening back up, it's important to remember how to travel well. After getting off the plane, think about implementing the following self-care tips while out and about.

Bring Your Favorite Snacks

You most likely will be eating out for many of your meals. Enjoy them! But pack a couple of your favorite snacks in your bag in case you get hungry in between meals. That way, you won't find yourself hangry and hankering for a huge meal and then a huge nap.

Don't Forget Your Necessary Medicines

Wherever you are going, you don't want to have to think about calling the local pharmacy and having the staff contact your doctor at home to transfer your medicine. What a mess. Don't forget to pack enough medicine to get you through the trip—maybe more just in case something happens and you end up staying longer than you planned. Be prepared for anything!

Find a Gym

You know what it's like to get back into the gym after a vacation. Everything hurts, you're dying, and you feel like you've taken 10 steps backwards. Keep up with your fitness goals and find a gym—whether it's in your hotel, online, outside, or at a local gym. Get a 5-day pass or upgrade your membership to include sister sites. However you want to do it, make sure to get a move on!

Get Outside and Explore

What is the point of traveling if you don't adventure outside the local Starbucks? Push yourself outside your comfort zone. This is the time to see the world! Hike, drive, walk around town. Explore your way.


Vacations are meant to feel relaxing. Pushing yourself to explore and get outside is good... As long as you are choosing the things that feel restful. Introverts and extroverts find rest in different ways.

Maybe you just want a little peace and quiet. Find a local coffee shop and dig into a book. Or maybe you want to take in all that this new place has to offer. Sign up for a tour around town and meet new people along the way.

Make sure to also pack the necessities for a good night's sleep. Comfy pjs, a sound machine, ear plugs, a neck or knee pillow, and/or essential oils and a travel diffuser.

Limit Your Alcohol

Too much alcohol can hinder your night's sleep as well. Make sure to cool it a little on those cocktails. Sipping on a glass of wine can be just the thing to put you into vacay mode and relax with friends and family or share a laugh and a moment. Tipsy Town is always more fun than Drunkville. Don't let the buzz fool you into overindulging.

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