How to Work Out With Glasses

Susan Hoff
November 27, 2021

Struggle to keep your glasses on and clean during exercise? It's time to do something about it.

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High intensity interval training (HIIT) requires you to drop to the ground for a burpee, jump back up again, and sweat more than your plastic frames can handle. They keep slipping right off of your nose and you have to push them back up every few seconds to keep them from falling off of your face entirely. Not to mention, breath, sweat, and dirt fog up your lenses and obstruct your vision.

It's a struggle when you wear glasses but love rigorous exercise. Lucky for you, there are a few things you can think about to improve your workouts with glasses. Below are four questions to ask yourself before giving up on your favorite workouts. Let's clear some things up so that you can see and sweat properly.

1. Do Your Frames Fit?

If you have owned the same frames for a while, you may have stretched them out with daily wear and tear. Many times, adjustments to the frames are covered in the purchase of your glasses at an optometrist. The tighter they feel around your ears, the more likely they will stay on your nose.

If it's time to replace your frames or if you are open to purchasing a pair of frames for exercise specifically, try on frames with practical fit as your first priority... And then cuteness. For example, a lighter pair of glasses or a pair with nose grips won't droop down the bridge of your nose as easily when you bend forward or lean down. Also, search the shelves for sports brands, such as Nike or Oakley, when you go glasses shopping. These brands are making sporty pairs of eyewear with sweating in mind.

If you swim, think about purchasing a pair of prescription goggles. They actually cost a lot less than they you might think! And it would be worth seeing what's obstructing your lane a few meters ahead, right?

2. Have You Tried a Strap?

I know, I know. It's sexy, right? Well, perhaps not. But glasses are expensive and you do not want to mistreat or misplace them. Purchase a strap to place around the ends of your glasses and tighten it around your head. This should give you the ability to perform the more rigorous of exercises. You can also go for the looser bands that rest behind your head. This will prohibit your glasses from falling off of your face but not from sliding off of your nose.

3. Do You Bring Lens Cleaning Wipes With You?

Are your lenses constantly fogging up with sweat and steam? Keep glasses-cleaning wipes in your gym bag so that you can wipe away the smudges and see clearly. You don't want to scratch your lenses if you are wearing the wrong material  tank top. 

4. Can You Take Your Glasses Off?

If you do not have a strong prescription, try taking your glasses off during a workout that doesn't require too much from your eyes. For example, fuzzy vision in a yoga class may help you tune everything out and stay present on your mat anyways, so why not give it a try?  

Maybe you only wear contacts on high-priority occasions because of dry eye or irritation. Can you wear contacts only on the days you perform HIIT exercises? Place the high intensity level exercises on your priority list for contacts so that you can jump, bounce, burpee, and sweat without the worry of losing or damaging your glasses.

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