My Fall Favorites: Part 3
Susan Hoff
September 25, 2020

Read about how I spend my fall Sundays!

It is now fall and one of the things I get most excited for is the start of the football season. Football is my favorite Sunday afternoon vice. I admire football players. They are truly modern day gladiators. The athletic prowess they must have to play such a sport is incredibly inspiring. I look forward to kickoff so that I can kickback and take in the excitement that surrounds a football game. I also use to the time to reflect on the past week and look forward to the week ahead.

Pre-Game Workout

But before I can watch a game, I have to get my workout in so I don’t feel guilty spending a few hours as a football “couch potato.” During this season, I take full advantage of the outdoors. Sunday is my rest day from lifting, so sometimes I walk, hike, play fetch with my dogs, climb stairs, or even got for a bike ride. I figure I can rest when the rains come and the daylight shortens. Our bodies were made to move and I get antsy when I’m stagnant. Once I exert some physical energy, my body thanks me and relieves me of antsyness. It’s a rewarding feeling!

Get outside, move your body, and breathe in that crisp fall air. Afterwards, you can reward yourself by sitting down to watch some Sunday football. And that is why I love this season...

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