Susan Hoff
October 2, 2021

My new favorite skincare product that makes me feel ageless.

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I wanted to dedicate one of my weekly blog posts to my new favorite skincare product: OneSkin. Their product is remarkable. It’s a smooth, sheer face lotion that is quickly absorbed into the skin and feels simply luscious once on.

I discovered OneSkin at an Abundance360 Health & Human Longevity investment conference hosted by Peter Diamandis in Autumn of 2020. I had the opportunity to meet the founders—all women, all scientists—who proudly shared samples with me months before it was available on the market. They are now based in San Francisco and their product is in high demand. Because it's a fabulous find.

I noticed how its proprietary OS-1 compound evened out my skin tone, smoothed the texture, and lightened my wrinkles. I was hooked after only one week! They have an easy subscription model that automatically sends more when I need it. I couldn’t be happier. I knew they were going to be big, but you know, it’s always nice to say you were one of the first to take advantage of how great a product is.  

I have been keeping in touch with the founders and am pleased to hear that they are now working to develop an all-over body cream!


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