Planning for a Successful Day — The Night Before
Susan Hoff
January 22, 2021

Take hold of tomorrow with these tips for successful planning.

People do not just have successful days. Most of the time, the best days are planned and properly executed. Just waking up a few minutes later than you intended can leave you feeling behind for the rest of the day, trying to keep your head above water. Try implementing these six steps tonight to set yourself up for a good day tomorrow. 

1. Set your alarm 5 minutes before you usually get up

We all love to hit the snooze button. But, how many times do we end up rushing out the door, already five minutes late, with coffee sloshing precariously towards your white top and your breakfast sitting in the sink, half-eaten? Give yourself enough time to prepare to leave the house with a calm and collected mindset. You will not spend nearly as much energy stressing, trying to stop yourself from yelling at all the red lights. 

2. Write down the things you plan to accomplish tomorrow

This is an essential thing to do before you turn your computer on and check your email. Once you open up today’s tasks, you will fall into a whirlwind of to-dos that may never end. Instead, make a list of your priorities the night before. You may have to add to them in the morning if you have more impending tasks, but you will be able to order it into your list and say no to the things that you simply cannot complete by the end of the day.

3. Prep tomorrow’s breakfast and lunch

Having a nourishing breakfast does not have to take hours to prepare. Hard boil some eggs for the week so that you can quickly crack, peel, and serve them with toast and avocado. Or prepare a jar of overnight oats so you open up your balanced meal once you arrive at work. As far as lunch goes, make an extra serving of dinner the night before and store it for tomorrow. Now you have two healthy meals just waiting for you in the fridge. 

4. Schedule in tomorrow’s breaks

If you do not plan to take a break, you may not ever find the time to get up from your desk. Instead, set a reminder on your phone or computer to get up at certain times to walk, stretch, say a quick hello to a coworker, or refill your water bottle. Same with your lunch break. If you skip lunch because you were too busy, then you will get home around dinner time and end up snacking harder or consuming more because your stomach will complain you are starving it. Don’t let yourself go that long without eating. Make time for lunch. 

5. Schedule your out time

Sometimes crises come up. And sometimes we work past our intended out time because we are stressed and overwhelmed. The latter usually will bleed right into the next day and continue a pattern of overtime that only leads to burnout. If you set realistic goals the night before, you should be completing your day feeling accomplished and confident. You also will have a more level and well-rested head on your shoulders in the morning to complete all that you hope to. Instead, shut your computer down at the time you planned and get home so that you have time for this next point. It’s my favorite.

6. Have time for you time

Whether that includes your gym time, walking the dogs, or sitting down with a glass of wine and debriefing the day with a friend or loved one, you need an activity to help yourself unwind and feel human again. You are not just a task-completing machine. You are a person who needs restful, alone or social time to let go of the day and enjoy being you. 

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