Planning for the Perfect Pool Day
Susan Hoff
May 3, 2021

Pool days are coming! Here's what to pack for a stress-free day in the sun.

It's finally here! The weather is warming up and pool days are calling your name. Here are four tips to prepping for a stress-free and fun day in the sun.

1. Choose the Right Bathing Suit

Are you planning to swim or to sun? You will want a completely different bathing suit for either task. For swimming, choose a suit that stays in place. You want to focus on your laps, not on adjusting your bottoms every time you push off. One pieces stay together more easily and keep you covered as you swim.

For sunning, you can wear the bikini that you bought last fall on sale. It might show a little more skin, but that will help you get the tan you want. Opt for the suits that don't have any frill or unique ties—unless you want that tan line imprinted on your skin like a tattoo.

2. Apply Sunscreen Before Leaving the House

You do not want to have to wait the appropriate 20 minutes for your sunscreen to sink in before jumping in the pool. That's torture! Also, you may take time setting your spot up to your liking and forget to apply until you feel your skin begin to tingle and burn. Apply the sunscreen before leaving for the pool. You will give it plenty of time to sink in and will have a better eye for covering everything evenly. Make sure to get the places where your bathing suit might shift. Burned cheeks are the worst. Slather it everywhere to make sure you are fully covered.

3. Bring Snacks and Drinks

The sun and the swimming always work up an appetite. Bring a few fun snacks—cold apples, grapes, and cherries are great for a hot day. Nuts, like almonds, pistachios, and walnuts can satiate you during your sun time. Popcorn or tortilla chips can hit the spot for your guiltless snacking pleasure. Pack lots of water as well. The heat can dehydrate you quickly. You can throw a couple ice cubes, lemons, and cucumbers into your water bottle for a refreshing twist. If you plan to drink alcohol—enjoy it!—but do try to drink at least one cup of water for every alcoholic drink. This will keep you hydrated and fend off the dreaded hangover headache.

4. Bring a Hat and Sunglasses

It's so easy to walk out the door packed for everyone else but you forget your sunnies or a hat. Bring both and you can switch back and forth. The sunglasses will protect you eyes from the sun and glare on the water. And the hat can protect the top of your head and scalp from burning. Chances are, you probably aren't applying sunscreen to your roots, so your scalp can burn and peel, making it look like a dandruff problem. No one wants that. Pack the hat.

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