Rehab Workouts
Susan Hoff
July 27, 2021

Find the right moves to expedite your body's healing. Here is my current rehab workout series.

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While rehabbing from my recent retina surgery, I have had to tone back on the intensity of my workouts. Based on what my “injured” eye sees, my equilibrium isn’t quite right. It’s also important not to increase the pressure in my eyes or create opacity in my injured eye by conducting rapid movements like rowing, jumping, running, or any exercises that put my head below my waist.

With these factors in mind, many of my rehab exercises are completed sitting or standing. I’ve been limited in cardio to exercises that keep my head stable and above my heart, like walking on the beach or low-impact circuit training.

Below are three of my current limited series workouts to keep my muscles motivated. I perform this current rehab workout routine 6 days a week. On my off days, I perform pool walks or controlled breast strokes down the length of the pool and back AMRAP (as many reps as possible).

Workout 1: Leg Day (3x a week)*

Warm up:

- Series of foam roller stretches

- Banded side steps & monster walks to the end of the gym and back

- Pigeon stretch on bench

- TRX lunge work


x15 Leg press (40-60kg)

x15 Leg extension (10-20kg)

x15 Sitting inner thigh squeezes with small ab ball (hold 2 seconds each squeeze)

x20 Single-leg calf raises (on seated leg press machine without weight or holding on to a stair/edge of a treadmill)

x15 Single-leg cable kickbacks

Cool Down:

Lunge stretch on a bench or against the wall (each leg)

Workout 2: Core/Back & Chest (2x a week)*

Warm up:

- Series of banded stretches

- Arm series work

- Cable machine rotator stretches


Set 1: Sitting or standing

x15 Pallof press (5-10kg)

x15 Single-arm Kroc row (5-10kg)

Set 2: Seated bench—high incline position (place Bosu ball under feet)

x15 Cable fly

x15 Upright, small-movement sit ups (reach toward the sky with cable handles in each hand)

x15 Alt DB press (5kg)

x15 Lat pull-down (15-20kg)

Workout 3: Arms & Shoulders (1x a week)*

Warm up:

- Series of banded stretches

- Arm series work


Set 1

x15 Cable shoulder rotator stretches (5-8 kg)

1x Seated shoulder series (3 kg)

x15 Seated Zottman curls (3kg)

x15 21s (3kg DB or EZ curl bar)

Set 2

x15 Standing cable bicep curls

x15 Rope tricep pull-downs

x15 Cross-cable back fly (Ts) (5-8kg)

*Complete 2-3 rounds if feeling good or 1-2 rounds if not feeling well.

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