Remove These Foods for Anti-inflammatory Relief
Susan Hoff
August 9, 2020

By cutting back on these food groups, you can reduce inflammation almost immediately.

Inflammation in your body can be the culprit behind your tight fingers, sore muscles, and slow-moving ligaments. Below are a couple of food groups to try temporarily removing from your diet that will help reduce inflammation in your body. By taking away or cutting back these food groups, you can reduce inflammation almost immediately.

Do not look at all these restricted food groups and feel discouraged. This is only temporary and will give your body the chance to regain its balance. After about two weeks, you can slowly re-introduce one food group in at a time and see if certain foods affect your body more than others.

Processed Foods

Pre-made foods are known to have an extremely high salt, sugar, and seasoning content. To reduce bodily swelling, overeating, and fatigue, remove processed foods from your diet. This encompasses most of the stereotypical snacks — granola bars, chips, popcorn, and really anything that comes in its own pre-made bag.

Also, eating out at restaurants will skyrocket your salt content. For these next two weeks, try to eat the majority of your meals at home. When you refresh your salt intake, you can then gauge how much to consume and thus permanently reduce inflammation throughout your body.


Temporarily cutting back on dairy will work wonders with inflammation. You do not necessarily have to nix all dairy products, but try cutting them back. For example, do not go for the creamy sauces or cheesy toppings. Dairy comes in much more than just the occasional glass of milk, so maybe try rethinking all of the little milk products that might top off your meal.


Bread, pasta, cereals, crackers, etc. The starches in your diet immediately turn to sugar and aid immensely in the inflammation process. Gluten is a major factor within the starch world as well. Take away the extra starchy products and your body will thank you as it deflates and loosens up.

Vegetable Oil

Small amounts of oil are not necessarily bad for your body. Using olive or coconut oil conversely contain many nutritional benefits. But, vegetable oil in excess causes inflammation and imbalance within your body. Try replacing the oil or cutting back when ordering out. Order poached eggs for breakfast to ensure you are not consuming unnecessary oil. Make your own salad dressings at home instead of using store bought brands and use only olive, coconut, or avocado oil when cooking.

Red meat

Red meat is a staple within most people’s diets and should stay that way. But, when your body is already inflamed and compromised, cutting back on the steak dinner is a quick way to alleviate your body’s tension. Try to only eat red meat once or twice a week once you have brought it back into your diet. 


Eating sugar raises your blood sugar and insulin levels within the body. Removing the excess sugars should immediately reduce inflammation. Chronic inflammation can usually be targeted back to the sugars that we unknowingly consume. It is not only the refined white sugars that fit under this category. Think bigger. Fruit, although good for you, still contains a lot of sugar. Drinks and sauces have heaps of hidden sugar as well. Be conscious of how much sugar you are really ingesting and cut back.

You may notice once you remove sugar from your diet that you begin to crave it. But take heart while your body goes through sugar withdrawals. After the two-week cut back, your body will no longer crave it like it used to and you can then rebalance your sugar intake.

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