Spring 2021 Fashion Trends
Susan Hoff
April 12, 2021

Rise up and out of your favorite Zoom meeting blouse and embrace these new trends!

Yes, style still exists. COVID shutdowns may have lapsed our fervor for fashion, but it's time to break out of our quarantined habits and step out in style. Here are five trending styles you can try this spring.

The Shacket

A shirt and a jacket—a shacket. It's a real thing and it has become quite popular this year. This hybrid piece of outerwear gives you the warmth that you want while also giving off an unhindered vibe for adventure and coolness.

You can find all sorts of styles and cuts, but a typical shacket usually fits in a boxy, I'm-too-cool-for-zippers-and-buttons kind of way. Wear it with your favorite pair of leggings or with this next old school trend.

Mom Jeans

High waisted, cut off, unfitted mom jeans. The pinnacle of the 90s mom look. It's back. The great thing about these jeans is that anyone can wear them. And you don't have to pay top dollar for the perfect fit! You might even have an old pair of your own still tucked away in the back of your closet. That's so vintage.

Crop Tops

Another old school move. Everything comes back around. As far as crop tops go, you can try on the slim-fitting tees that hit right above the belly button or you can experiment with some new styles. One shoulder tanks, cut outs, halter tops, etc. Pair them with a light wash of mom jeans and you will fit right in at your local coffee shop or bar. You work hard for that slim tummy. Show it off!

Biker Shorts

It's getting too warm for leggings, but shorts can take a lot of effort keeping everything in place. No need to learn how to bike. Slip on a pair of biker shorts and you can do any workout without worrying about pulling your shorts up or down to keep yourself covered up.


Slide into style and comfort with these yummy shoes. Look put together and ready for any work function (in person or not). You also can easily wear these at the grocery store, out to lunch, or on a date. They are practical and cute!

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