Summer 2021 Swimsuit Styles
Susan Hoff
May 17, 2021

Step onto the sand this summer in a new, stylish suit!

Hints of summer are floating through the breeze. It's almost here—and we need to get ready for swimsuit season! Treat yourself with a suit or two that you can wear all summer long. Here are the top styles trending this year.

One Piece

I love one pieces. You don't have as much to worry about when you jump in the water. Instead of readjusting your top and retying your bottoms every time you stand up or push off the pool ledge, you can wear one, cohesive and comfortable suit. Did I mention you can still look good AH? The one piece styles right now are far from boring. You've got colors, you've got cut outs, you've got unique straps, you've got Brazilian cuts, and you've got cheeky bottoms.

One-Shoulder Top

Show a little shoulder without having to go strapless. The one-shoulder bikini tops have come back around! You also can find tops with two straps, they just both land on the same shoulder. These are the fun, quirky styles that make sunning and swimming more fun.

High-Neck Top

I always find myself reapplying sunscreen to my face and chest the quickest. They burn so easily and seem to age the fastest as well. The high-neck bikini top covers up your chest and saves it from seeing too much sun. You also can have more coverage over the cleavage area (sorry boys). No need to worry about jumping over a big wave and falling out of your top. This one has your back. And your front.

Neoprene Swim Suit

It's like a wetsuit, in a bikini body. This surfer fabric can look sporty and sexy. The thicker texture supports you well while also lasting much longer than normal swim suits. You know how sunned and stretched out your suit gets by the end of the summer. The neoprene bikini will last at least a couple of summers without fading or stretching!

High-Waisted Bottoms

High-waisted bottoms are the best. The majority of women struggle with insecurities about their lower stomach and tight suits can create the muffin top look. But high-waisted bottoms can fashionably contain your tummy and boost your bikini confidence. Win-win!

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