Susan Hoff Fitness is Now Oath & Grind
Susan Hoff
December 21, 2020

Make an oath and commit to the grind to achieve your health and fitness goals. It starts now.

One of the most rewarding feelings as a fitness guru is hearing people’s success stories and learning that they gleaned the resources necessary from my story. 

My decision to transition from Susan Hoff Fitness to Oath & Grind is to help you write yourself into this success story. 

I want to give you the inspiration, knowledge, and resources you need to achieve your best self. No matter what life stage you are in or lifestyle you live. I began my fitness journey later in life and worked hard to get where I am. I want to impart what I have learned onto you and I want my brand to encapsulate the biggest secret to achieving your health and fitness goals. So I started with its name.

Take the Oath

First, I chose the word “oath” because, by definition, it is a solemn commitment that you choose to start now and continue into the future. It is not broken easily or taken lightly. Don’t simply make a goal, a pledge, or a promise to yourself. Take an oath to better your health. Make a serious investment in yourself and in your future. And acquire the knowledge you need to maintain it. 

You probably have a very busy life. Work, kids, relationships, etc. And your health might fall low on the priority list because it almost seems selfish to keep up with it. Instead, think about it as an investment in all of the above as well. Committing to your health will benefit your work ethic and your mental and physical strength as a parent, spouse, and friend. It’s like slipping your own oxygen mask on before helping another on an airplane.

Commit to the Grind

The word “grind” connotes a more rugged, gritty tone. While exercise should be fun and make you feel good, it also can prove difficult and, of course, painful. You cannot lose 20 pounds or gain a six pack overnight. Commit yourself to the process and put in the work necessary to achieve the changes you are looking for. Trust me, you will still enjoy the process—and the results.

The “grind” means choosing to put in the work in spite of your busyness. When adding diet and fitness adjustments into your regimen, it may just feel like one or two more things you have to add to your long to-do list. But, as you continue through, you will notice that these adjustments soon become the things that help you get through the week. 

But this will take time, patience, and consistency. You will find weak points and develop them into strengths. You will reach a breaking point and turn it into a stepping stone towards a stronger self.

Do You Have What it Takes?

This bold, new way of living will take your old self by storm.

But it is not a quick, easy fix. This is a long-term commitment that will take a lot of mental and physical work. When you take an oath and commit to the grind, you will learn how to properly care for your body. I can’t tell you how happy I was to be able to do my first unassisted pull up. It felt like such a milestone! But I won’t sugarcoat it—getting there and beyond was a grind. 

You can do this. And we can help. 

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