Susan’s Favorite Podcasts
Susan Hoff
September 30, 2020

It's National Podcasts Day — Pull on your headphones and get listening!

Life is fast. I am always jumping from one thing to the next, jotting down new to-dos to my ongoing list, and juggling work, gym, family, friends, etc. But I love to learn! So I take my headphones with me on the go and turn on a podcast to keep me in the loop with the constantly evolving health and fitness world and up-and-coming cultural trends. In light of National Podcast Day, I thought I would put together a list of my current favorites. I recommend you give them a listen!

1. The Joe Rogan Experience

I listen to the Joe Rogan Experience for both a laugh and an insight into stories that are not always covered on the news. Each episode is over two hours long as Joe interviews his guests about a specific subject. The guests range anywhere from fellow comedians, to MMA fighters, to Bioengineers.

2. The Whole View

I eat up nutrition podcasts like The Whole View that bust nutrition myths, answer questions about living a realistic and healthy lifestyle, and back up information with scientific evidence. Sr. Sarah Ballantyne, a medical biophysicist with a PhD and two kids, joins Stacy Toth who knows the struggles of living with multiple autoimmune disorders and fluctuating weight gain and loss. Together, they seek holistic wellness for their families and listeners with recipes, tips, and practical tools for positive change.

3. Coffee Break French

Did I mention that I am learning to speak French? In podcast form! Coffee Break French consists of about 40 free French lessons each season, so I can make my way through them at my own pace. I am now able to introduce myself, order at a restaurant, and make small talk with French locals!

4. Age is Irrelevant

Age is Irrelevant highlights women over 40 who have set goals and broken age-old stereotypes. I am encouraged by these individuals who have started pole vaulting careers at age 60, turned to runway modeling at 58, won body building competitions at 74, and become Ironman champions at 75. It is inspiring how much we can do when we dedicate our whole minds and bodies towards a goal. (You should also check out episode 30 — you might find someone you know!)

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