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Susan Hoff
March 21, 2022

My 2022 product picks are here! You have to check them out.

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When you find a product you love, don't you just want to share it with your friends and family? I've narrowed down my favorite products for the new year and wanted to share my picks with you! Check out these marvelous nutrition, fashion, and skin care products that I am obsessed with and use daily.


1. Lumen

Lumen is everything you need to optimize your health in the palm of your hand. This powerful device helps you enhance fat burn, lose weight & boost energy naturally. I find Lumen easy to use and really enjoy their tips and friendly Facebook page. They also give you a daily macros recommendation to help you achieve your goals, which you can program the system whether it’s losing weight, toning up, or building muscle. They also have a excellent prompt which will connect you with a bot or person that can help provide better tips or answers if you can’t find what you need on their app.

Find it here!

2. Butcher Box:

Butcher Box is my quarterly go-to delivery of farm-raised, grass-fed meats that arrive with recipe card ideas and are well packaged. It was a godsend for protein deliveries to my door during Covid closure shutdowns and now has me covered while I entertain family and friends for the holidays. My subscription arrives quarterly for my small household, but you can always place a special order for a quick, high-quality delivery!

Find it here!

3. Primal Health Coaching:

This is a fabulous educational program to help you learn how to live better as you age. What to eat, exercise, rest, and, more importantly, why. I became a coach to help clients lead a more fulfilling life and this was the perfect course to help me do just that. Mark Sisson has a daily blog called Mark’s Daily Apple that gives great daily tips and insights into everyday matters.

Find it here!

4. Primal Kitchen:

Primal Kitchen offers my favorite organic, health-conscious condiments. From reduced-sugar ketchup to dairy-free ranch, it’s a boon for those of us with restricted palates! Mark Sisson of Primal Health Coaching is the genius behind these products, so I was able to learn about it long before it became part of the Kraft Foods brand family. Their everyday recipes are super easy, but taste like they took a long time create!

Find it here!


1. Anatomie:

Anatomie is one of my very favorite travel brands. Their clothing packs well, leaves low-to-no wrinkles, and looks great on as-is if you have to land and go out to a nice dinner. It doesn't let you miss a step! In today’s world of sweat pants and slippers, this is just as comfortable, but way more presentable. Buy it here before you see it in the luxury boutique shops in finer hotels and resorts.

Find it here!

Promo: Use code O&G15 for 15% off of your order!

2. Mini Activewear

Every time I wear my creamsicle orange outfit, I get compliments. The compression is perfect. It's both supportive and flattering, yet fun and flirty!

Find it here!

Promo: Use code OG20 for 20% off of your order!

Skin Care

1. OneSkin:

Their product is remarkable. It’s a smooth, sheer face lotion that is quickly absorbed into the skin and feels simply luscious once on. Its proprietary OS-1 compound evened out my skin tone, smoothed the texture, and lightened my wrinkles. I was hooked after only one week! They have an easy subscription model that automatically sends more when I need it.

Find it here!

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