The Benefits of Swimming

Susan Hoff
February 11, 2020

Switch up your high-intensity workouts with a few weekly low impact swims!

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High-intensity cardio offers amazing results, but it can also tax your body’s joints and muscles. The constant pounding of feet-to-asphalt, toe-to-pedal, or fist-to-bag can potentially harm your body. If you feel your body asking for a break on high impact exercise, consider swimming. 

Swimming can help relieve physical stress and tension as it simultaneously leans and tones your body. You will also strengthen your core immensely as you twist from side to side and pull up for air during each stroke.

Jump in the pool for an exercise that involves a little more fun and a little less pain.

Muscle Confusion

Get out of the gym and jump in the pool. Your body may jump at the idea of a new routine and thank you by providing quick results. Not only will you enjoy the physical benefits of switching up your workout routine, but you can also start improving your tan for the summer and enjoy the fresh air. Whether the weather is hot or cold, find a pool that is heated accordingly and stick to your swimming schedule.

Lap Swimming

While swimming still works your body hard, you will not feel yourself sweat because of the cool water around you. That does not mean you aren’t sweating or working hard, however. Lap swimming, where the swimmer swims back and forth practicing his freestyle stroke, utilizes every muscle in your body without any contact. If you are a beginner swimmer and do not yet understand the breathing technique, don a snorkel along with your mask and remove the hindrance of having to come up for air.

Pool Exercises

Pool exercises can also produce rapid results. Just treading water is a great workout in and of itself. 

- Try leg lifts – forward, sideways, and backwards — as you hold onto the side of the pool. Because of the water resistance, you are going to have to work a lot harder under the water’s pressure, which will further tone your leg and glute muscles. 

- Walk or run back and forth in the shallow end to increase your endurance and heart rate. Throw in a few jumping jacks with the water at chest level. If you want to push yourself further, add ankle weights or hold foam dumbbells for extra resistance. 

- Grab a kickboard and kick your way to the other side of the pool. While it looks easy enough, your legs will start to burn as they make their way down the length. This exercise solely targets your legs, pumping up the muscle and calorie burn. 

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