The Best of Oath & Grind 2020
Susan Hoff
December 31, 2020

Check out our 5 most popular blog posts of 2020!

The end of the year presents us with a perfect opportunity for reflection. One way to do that is to look back at the year's highs and lows and celebrate the good and grow from the not-so-good moments.

In order to better our content and personalize it to our readers' interests, we went through our blog posts from the year to see what you read and liked most and what you liked least. I thought I would share our most popular posts in case you missed any of them.

So, without further ado, here are the 5 most popular blog posts of 2020.

Posts to Remember

1. Avocado Squash: The Summer Squash You Haven’t Heard Of

Learn all about this lesser-known squash and try a new recipe for an avocado squash tart with an almond crust!

2. 10 Ways to Detox Your Body

We all house toxins trapped in our bodies. Learn how to rid yourself of these unwanted toxins so that you can feel better and think clearly once more.

3. 4 Apps That Make Exercise Fun

Technology makes it possible for us to add incentives to our workouts. Check out these four apps that can help you enjoy, and maybe even forget that you are breaking a sweat. 

4. 4 Steps to Growing Out Your Hair

If you are looking for long, beachy waves or silky straight locks, you will want healthy hair for the job. Try out these tips to growing long, healthy hair.

5. 5 Must-Have Pieces of At-Home Workout Equipment

The gyms have closed. Again. But you can still continue making headway on your fitness goals. Pull the car out of the garage or push back the couch to create a home workout space and challenge yourself and your daily workout with these 5 pieces of at-home workout equipment. 

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