The Many Benefits of Coconut Oil
Susan Hoff
March 27, 2020

The benefits of coconut oil you might have never heard of.

Wherever you look nowadays, whether on store shelves, in delicious and healthy recipes, or even in celebrity talks about their favorite beauty ritual, coconut oil is used by so many and in a variety of ways. The amazing benefits that coconut oil provides can help with dental problems, lack of energy, and even those with gallbladder disorders. These are only some of the issues that coconut oil can holistically help. Amongst the numerous uses of this popular holistic healer, coconut oil has found its way into my daily routine.

Some of my favorite reasons I use coconut oil…

1. Removes Toxins

Every morning as you get ready, try scooping a tablespoon of refined organic coconut oil in your mouth and swishing it around in your mouth, which pulls toxins from your body. This simple ritual, called oil pulling, takes 10-20 minutes and helps remove toxins and cavities in your mouth and relieve bad breath and TMJ. When the time is up, spit the oil into the trash and you’ll be ready to begin your day.

2. Creates Beautiful Skin

Not only is coconut oil a great makeup remover, it also works as a wonderful skin-softening moisturizer. Once you step out of the shower and before you begin drying yourself off, apply the oil all over your body. Then gently pat yourself dry. Not only will you smell amazing, but you will also have a bright and healthy glow minus the heavy and sticky residue that regular lotions leave you with. 

3. Assists with Weight Loss

We all try losing those pesky pounds, but coconut oil can make it much easier. Studies have shown that because of its healthy fatty acids, adding coconut oil to your diet will help you lose fat — especially in your midsection. Conveniently, you can incorporate coconut oil into your meals. Add two teaspoons in place of cooking oil, use a teaspoon in your coffee rather than creamer, and — my favorite — mix coconut oil with cacao powder and almond butter for a tasty treat.

With all the amazing benefits and healing properties that coconut oil brings, incorporating it into your life will help you take steps toward healing, treating, and preventing numerous issues, diseases, and illnesses. Next time you go to the store, pick up a jar and discover all the endless possibilities that coconut oil can help you and your family achieve. It truly has become a lifesaver in our home — and truly will be in yours too.

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