What to Do After A Deep Tissue Massage

Susan Hoff
November 14, 2022

If your muscles are longing for relief, a deep tissue massage may be the next logical step.

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If your muscles are longing for relief, a deep tissue massage may be the next logical step. This fantastic massage technique can free you of chronic pain and sports injuries like no other. 

The purpose of a deep tissue massage is to alleviate your muscle pain, making you feel rejuvenated and relaxed. When dealing with chronic pain or soreness for a long time, your life quality gets severely affected. And after trying different options, such as classic and relaxing massages, you may start feeling hopeless. But there may be one option you have yet to try: deep tissue massages. This technique is the solution your sore and tired muscles are craving. 

Here we break down everything you need to know about deep tissue massage, but also what you should do after your appointment to enhance and prolong its benefits.

What is a deep tissue massage?

A deep tissue massage is a massage technique that involves applying deep but slow pressure in a target area of your body. This type of massage works on your inner muscle layers and tissues. The massage therapist will use their hand, fingers, elbows, and maybe forearms to perform the massages. The deep but slow strokes work great to get rid of deep muscle knots and relieve muscle soreness.

Besides relaxation and pain relief, this massage therapy can treat severe sports injuries, sciatica, high blood pressure issues, chronic pain, and postural problems. Deep tissue massages increase blood flow; the direct deep pressure massage therapists apply on your muscles stimulates your blood flow, ultimately reducing inflammation and making injuries heal faster. Moreover, this technique positively impacts your sleep; during the massage, you release stress and anxiety, while your brain releases serotonin, helping you get better rest while sleeping. And we all know how much we need that beauty sleep.

4 things to do after a deep tissue massage

A deep tissue massage is a great experience. But it doesn't have to be over as soon as you get out of the massage table. You can enhance its pleasant effects by sticking to these massage aftercare tips. Here's what to do after deep tissue massage:

Stay hydrated

No matter how often you encounter hydration as the first tip with anything health-related, many people still seem to fail to meet their daily recommended water intake. So, this first tip may not come as a surprise, but it is definitely a powerful one. As mentioned above, a deep tissue massage improves your blood flow; drinking plenty of fluids keeps your blood flowing. Once the massage kickstarted this benefit, you can keep it going by staying hydrated. It is recommended to drink at least eight glasses of water per day. 

After an intense massage such as this, your body releases some toxins and then discards them through urination. If you drink enough fluids, that will happen much faster. Take a pretty water bottle with you everywhere you go; it will make it easier for you to track how much water you drink. A pretty bottle only makes things more fun!

Eat a healthy snack

After a massage session, it is normal to feel a little hungry. You can take a healthy snack to your appointment and have it right after your massage therapist finishes their magic. Avoid eating junk food, and instead, have some food rich in vitamins and the nutrients your body needs after such an intense, deep massage. Foods rich in omega acids can help you with the muscle soreness you are likely to feel after a deep tissue massage. 

Stay active and relaxed

Probably you've been told not to perform any intense activity after a deep tissue massage, and that advice is on point. You shouldn't perform sports or engage in intense physical activity at least 24 hours after your massage session. But staying active is vital for your muscle to recover quickly after a massage. So what to do after deep tissue massage? You can take a short walk around the block or to the nearest spa. A little movement is good for your muscle to loosen up, but just a little is enough. To stay related and make the most out of your massage, you can take a bath, add essential oils and lighten some candles. Put on some soothing music and enjoy. 

Schedule your next appointment

Deep tissue massages work better over time. The more appointments you go to, the more your massage therapist will get to know you, your body, and your needs. At the end of your massage session, remember to book your next one!

How to prepare for your deep tissue massage

To obtain all the deep tissue massage benefits, what you do before massage therapy also matters. For instance, take some time to look for a good and experienced massage therapist. After you find the right professional, you must know how to prepare for your first massage appointment. Before your session, drink enough water and take a hot shower to loosen up your muscles. Wear loose clothes; the therapist will ask you to undress, but only to your comfort level. 

Make sure you know the exact purpose of your visit. Deep tissue massages are not for everybody; they are meant to treat specific areas in which you are experiencing pain or an injury. 

Many people are worried about the massage being a little too intense. The pressure can be a bit uncomfortable, but it should never make you feel pain. You can ask the therapist to take it down a notch if you feel pain during the session. 

Final thoughts

Deep tissue massage can be a lifesaver when your muscles are in deep pain or if you suffered a story injury. You will leave the session feeling rejuvenized and full of energy. You will probably be counting the days until your next appointment - which you shouldn't forget to book!

Remember that just like hiring a good professional and preparing your body before the session, a good massage aftercare is equally important. Make sure to learn what to do after deep tissue massage and take good care of your body so it can heal quickly and beautifully.

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