Achieve Healthy Hair by Shampooing Less
Susan Hoff
February 20, 2021

Take notes on how to go one to two weeks between washing your hair.

2020 has changed many of our daily habits and routines. Some things, like wearing anything other than yoga pants, have fallen by the wayside. Other things, like washing your hair on a daily basis, have become nuisances. Shampooing every day may help your hair feel cleaner, but there is reason to believe that this new 2020 hair habit of shampooing less could potentially benefit the health of your hair.

Keep in mind that I'm talking about hair washing. Not body washing. Showering won't feel like such a bother though when you don't step out with a wet head of hair and have to go through the drying and styling process.

Washing your hair removes the excess dirt and oil build-up that prompts that "messy bun" look. But it also can damage your hair by drying it out and removing the good oils and moisture it needs. Washing your hair more often usually leads to drying your hair more often, which causes more damage and breakage as well. So, the new goal for a healthy head of hair? Wash your hair as little as possible. With a little help, you can teach your hair to go one to two weeks between washings—even for those of you with fine, straight hair! Try implementing the following tips.

Start Small

Don't go from washing your hair every day to once a week. That could leave your hair feeling like a wet mop in need of ringing out. If you normally shampoo and condition every day, extend it by skipping a day. After a couple of weeks, your hair will have gotten used to the new routine and you can skip another day. It is a process, but pretty soon your hair will stop producing as much oil and it will not feel as greasy in between washings. It will also get shinier—in a good way—since you won't be stripping it of all of its natural nutrients.

Control the Oil

Brush your hair before bed and put it up in a high, loose bun. Brushing will help push the oils downstream from your roots, which will prevent the build-up you usually wake up to. Also, keeping it off your face and body while you sleep will reduce the amount of oils that it absorbs. That's right, your hair does not only produce oil, but it also absorbs it off your skin.

Double Wash

When you do step into the shower for a shampoo, wash your hair twice with a deep-cleansing or clarifying shampoo. You will clean your hair thoroughly this way, massaging your scalp free of stubborn build-up, and give it a clean slate to start your shampoo strike. Only condition the ends of your hair, ensuring you do not replenish the excess oils that you just removed from your roots.

Use Dry Shampoo Sparingly

You might think that you can simply switch your wet shampoo for dry on the days you do not wash your hair. Instead of reaching for the aerosol can, wait. Do not use any shampoo until you get to 2-3 days between washings. Dry shampoos can dry your hair out. After 2 or 3 days without a wash, give your hair a nice spritz before going to bed, massage it into your scalp, and then brush it through. Flip your hair over to get the underside as well, so the shampoo can protect all areas of your hair that are closest to your roots from environmental elements that spur your scalp to produce oils. Spraying it at night gives your hair a head start. Instead of doing damage control in the morning, spray at night and stop the grease from building up in the first place.

No Touching

This should go without saying, but try to keep your hands off of your hair. The natural grease and oils from your hands will seep into the strands and more quickly lead to oily hair. Since exercise causes your scalp to sweat, your hair can get greasier between washings as well. Avoid the grease as much as possible by keeping your hair off of your face and neck. Here are a couple of hairstyles that you can try for your workouts.

Saving Tips

Since it takes a little while for your hair to become accustomed to the routine, you have to find ways to manage. Try switching your part around, braid your hair, or use a hat or headband.

If you need to do something in between washings because your hair is starting to feel a little too greasy, try using a small amount conditioning cream or spray and then brush it through. It might sound counterintuitive to use a conditioning product, but if you choose one without heavy silicones or oils, you can reduce the frizz, refresh the locks, and lighten the load.

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