Eat These 6 Foods for Anti-Inflammatory Relief
Susan Hoff
March 12, 2021

Add these foods into your diet to decrease inflammation and boost your immunity.

You may have read my earlier article on foods that you can remove from your diet to reduce inflammation. But, you can also give your body a leg up by including inflammation-regulating foods in your diet that increase your range of motion, energy, and immunity as well as decrease your pain and stiffness.

Why Do We Care?

Inflammation can root back to many chronic diseases, such as diabetes and cancer, and lead to excess joint pain, headaches, stuffy noses, etc. We care because we can prevent or minimize unwanted pain.

So, here is a brief look at some of the foods that you CAN eat that naturally benefit your immune system and reduce inflammation.

1. Greens

More leafy greens! They are the answer to almost any health-related question. Veggies like broccoli, spinach, and kale contain large amounts of antioxidants and vitamin K. Detox your body from many different forms of unwanted inflammation with these cruciferous greens.

2. Avocados

Avocados are high in carotenoids, which fight inflammation, and a heart-smart addition to any meal. Choosing natural avocados is the best way to reduce inflammation—not the store bought guacamole. Processed avocados hide a lot of salt, which can end up producing more inflammation within the body. Make your own guac instead. Or, add avocados to your omelets, salads, dressings, and smoothies.

3. Flaxseed

The fiber in flaxseed can flush out unwanted inflammation and bring you back to “regular.” It also pumps more than 100% of your daily value of Omega-3s into your body. Add some to your salad, protein shake, or even dessert. If all else fails, throw a spoonful into half of a cup of water and just down it.

4. Blueberries

These berries fill you to the brim with vitamins and antioxidants, specifically flavonoids, which fight inflammation quickly and defend your body from toxins and free radicals. Pop a handful in your mouth daily and boost your immune system while also fighting chronic inflammation.

5. Almonds

Almonds are a great alternative to the salty packs of peanuts that can cause inflammation. These heart-healthy nuts also satiate you faster and keep you full for longer. They contain high amounts of healthy fats without any of the unhealthy, saturated ones. For a snack, have a handful of almonds and hummus and you will feel satisfied and held over until your next meal.

6. Salmon

Salmon benefits your body in as many ways as it can be cooked. Whether it is baked, barbecued, poached, or grilled, the fish bursts with Omega-3s, B vitamins, and potassium, which all help fight against inflammation and illness.

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